Morning Post waits for Iran to state that internat

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Morning Post: wait and see Iran state that the international oil price rebounds. This week, the domestic price should be stable and bullish

on August 21, East China gasoline and diesel rose comprehensively on Friday, and North China rose and fell. The coastal market is still unable to break the resource dilemma. The recent arrival has eased the retail shortage in some areas, but the tight supply and demand in wholesale still push up prices; The demands and resources of inland areas are different. Jian Xigao, director of the Institute of advanced materials of Dalian University of technology, also stressed that in general, plasticomp, the main American long fiber composite company, has developed a mixed long fiber composite production line, and the marketing control has been strengthened. The automobile and diesel market in individual markets has shown a relatively obvious strengthening trend. Social units are generally reluctant to sell less, and there is still a certain wait-and-see for future price adjustment. The price is expected to remain stable and bullish this week

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