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The multi-functional building coating of Hunan University passed the appraisal

the multi-functional building coating of Hunan University passed the appraisal

October 23, 2003

Wenzhou Changfeng artificial leather Co., Ltd. fully implemented the production of waterborne synthetic leather

the multi-functional nano building coating technology undertaken by the school of materials science and engineering of Hunan University recently passed the expert appraisal organized by the provincial science and technology

department. Experts believe that this technology provides a new process method and technical route for the application of nano materials in coatings and the development of high-performance architectural coatings

, according to Professor Xiao Hanning, head of the research group, the technology has three innovations. First, the inorganic component of

composite is used as raw material and inorganic sol gel process is used to prepare nano components. The problem of environmental pollution is effectively solved when preparing

nanoparticles with organic materials, and the cost of preparing nano components is greatly reduced. Secondly, the surface of nanoparticles was modified by adding complex surfactant, which solved the problems of

dispersion, harmfulness and stability of nano components and coating system; Third, the synergistic effect of nano

materials is realized by adding a variety of nano materials at the same time, which can be complementary in sexual rotation

the nano coating prepared by this technology has the characteristics of super washing resistance, antibacterial and self-cleaning, and its comprehensive performance is in the forefront of similar domestic products. The industrialization project of this technology - CD-ROM or e-mail can produce 12000 tons of multi-functional nano architectural coating project

the construction of electronic universal experimental machine will be started in Yueyang high tech Development Zone, and different models will be widely used in various industries of society

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