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High purity magnesia oil kiln multi-channel data acquisition and monitoring system

in the refractory industry, especially in the refractory brick production industry, high purity magnesia is one of the very important production raw materials. The quality of high-purity magnesia directly affects various technical indexes of refractory brick. Therefore, oil kiln for producing high-purity magnesia is very common in refractory brick production industry. During the operation of oil kiln, the changes of various field data play an extremely important role in the quality of high-purity magnesia. Therefore, the data acquisition and automatic monitoring management of oil kiln has become an important part of factory automation (FA), which can not only save energy, but also save a lot of manpower

2. System configuration:

the data acquisition function of the lower computer of the multi-channel data acquisition and monitoring system of high-purity magnesia oil kiln is realized by the communication of Adam data acquisition module on RS-485 bus. ADAM module is a series of intelligent interface module products from sensor to computer produced by Advantech company in Taiwan. It integrates instrument and computer technology, draws lessons from the advantages of communication, management and control software of distributed control system, and has a high performance price ratio. Adam modules with different functions, together with the host computer and communication line to complete the management and control function, can form a complete network system to realize the monitoring and control of industrial production process. According to the site conditions of high purity magnesia oil kiln, Adam - 4000 series modules are selected for the system, which are Adam - 4017, Adam - 4053 and Adam - 4520 respectively

the upper computer monitoring software uses the new generation of industrial control configuration software fix released by Intel Corporation. It adopts multithreading programming and communicates with ADAM module of lower computer through serial port. In the process of real-time data acquisition, the signal of the external sensor is sent to the lower computer and then transformed into RS-232 signal and transmitted to the upper computer. Then the oil kiln monitoring system developed by fix in the PC carries out data recording, analysis and processing in the background, and dynamically displays the working state and data value of the field equipment in real time through its friendly human-computer interaction monitoring screen in the foreground

3. Control system design

high purity magnesia oil kiln multi-channel data acquisition and monitoring system is a distributed measurement and control system with industrial PC as the main body and composed of temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level sensors and Adam function modules used as the lower computer. The system monitoring software of the upper computer adopts fix industrial control configuration software of intelligence company. Through the collection and real-time monitoring of various on-site data of high-purity magnesia oil kiln, the system can realize the functions of centralized management of on-site data, display of on-site process, generation of alarm information, drawing of real-time curve and historical curve, analysis of oil kiln operation status, printing and outputting report, so as to provide reliable information and basis for the production of high-purity magnesia, and improve the safety and reliability of production. The system structure block diagram is shown in Figure 1

Adam - 4000 series module is an intelligent device with built-in microprocessor, transmitter and computer interface. It can be connected to RS-485 bus to accept the control command set in ASCII format sent by the host computer. This series of modules have the functions of signal filtering, isolation, signal amplification and range adjustment, a/D and D/a conversion, data comparison and data communication. Some modules can also provide the input and output functions of digital signals. Their signals can be relay or compatible with TTL. Adam - 4000 series modules do not have any switches that can be set directly in hardware, and all parameter settings and calibrations are completed by software. The configuration parameters include I/O address, speed, parity bit, upper and lower limit alarm, input range setting, etc., and the EEPROM memory in ADAM module can be used to store these set parameters, so as to ensure that these parameters are still valid even in the case of power failure. The design working voltage standard of all modules is 24V DC power supply voltage, but as long as the power supply is kept within 10 ~ 30V, the modules can work normally

adam-4017 module is an 8-channel 16 bit analog input module. The sampling frequency is 10Hz. The technicians of our company share the operating procedures and experimental requirements of the impact testing machine. The programmable input range of all channels can be selected from ± 150mV, ± 1V, ± 5V, ± 10V and ± 20mA. Adam - 4017 analog input module has the following characteristics:

(1) the input signal can be millivolt level, volt level voltage and milliampere level current signal

(2) 3000vdc optical isolation technology is adopted between the input signal and the module

(3) it has the functions of filtering, 16 bit precision 8-channel A/D conversion and RS-485 digital communication for the input signal

(4) 6 channels of differential input can be provided by adding a high edge ring on the disc clamp, and 2 channels of single ended input

Adam - 4053 module provides a 16 bit digital input channel for dry contact and wet contact signals, and has the function of watchdog timer

adam-4520 module can be used to convert the RS-232 interface standard signal of industrial PC. when the experimental force exceeds the maximum experimental force by 2 ~ 10%, it will automatically stop and become the RS-422 or RS-485 interface standard signal used by ADAM module to realize the long-distance data communication between industrial PC and ADAM module. Its transmission rate can reach up to 11.5 2kbps and 3000vdc isolation protection

in the distributed monitoring system, RS-485 standard has become the preferred standard for data transmission in industrial applications because of its characteristics of long transmission distance, many contacts and few connections. RS-485 standard adopts the data transceiver of balanced transmission and differential reception to drive the bus. It is a multi transmitter standard, which allows one transmitter to drive multiple load devices, which can be passive transmitter, receiver or transceiver combination unit. Because RS-485 can connect 32 transmitter/receiver pairs on a pair of balanced transmission lines, it has been widely used in multipoint communication system. In the multi-channel data acquisition and monitoring system of high-purity magnesia oil kiln, adam-4520 module should be used to convert RS-232 and RS-485 signals when realizing the interconnection between the host and various functional modules; The 4 ~ 20mA and 05V signals transmitted from the field instrument are analyzed

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