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According to the requirements of the notice on Issuing the scale of new construction of photovoltaic power generation in 2014 before December this year (hereinafter referred to as the notice) issued by the National Energy Administration in January, recently, Shanghai development and Reform Commission also issued relevant provisions on applying for the construction scale of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration application in 2014. All districts (counties) are required to hurry up to complete the scale plan, formulate and organize the preparation of the photovoltaic power generation implementation plan of their districts and counties in 2014, and report it to the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission before April 30. The Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission will issue indicators to all districts and counties in mid June

Nanhui Park project has been "back to basics" for 7-8 years

insiders said that the national energy administration has vigorously promoted distributed photovoltaic and set a target of 8 gigawatts (GW) this year, but the distributed progress is slow this year. At present, the energy administration may adjust the policy, and the policy direction may be in price adjustment

the national development and Reform Commission announced at the end of August last year that large ground photovoltaic power stations will adopt three types of benchmark electricity prices according to photovoltaic resource conditions, namely 0.9 yuan/kWh, 0.95 yuan/kWh and 1 yuan/kwh; The subsidy for distributed photovoltaic power generation will be set at 0.42/kwh

the above insiders believe that "how distributed projects enjoy the benchmark electricity price of ground power stations has become one of the reasons for investors to wait and see, and it is also the key to achieve the goal of 8 GW this year". Non degradable PUR and PEU have good biocompatibility and mechanical properties

in Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong, Shanghai, a 10 MW distributed photovoltaic power station has just been completed. This project is mainly developed by Nanhui Industrial Park, with an investment of up to 100 million yuan. "In this project, the park undertakes not only simple engineering construction, but also more special responsibilities as a management department." A person in charge of Nanhui Park said in an interview

According to the understanding, the return of each part of the distributed PV project is 47.0 yuan, and the return of each part of the distributed PV project is mainly 47.0 yuan; Second, the state finance gives a subsidy of 0.42 yuan per kilowatt hour, and the subsidy period is 20 years; The third is local financial subsidies. Although the subsidy scheme in Shanghai has not been officially released, according to people familiar with the matter, the preliminary scheme is to provide individual distributed generation subsidies of 0.4 yuan per degree and enterprise distributed generation subsidies of 0.25 yuan per degree on the basis of national financial subsidies

however, the relevant person in charge of rookie network also analyzed the sample and calculated that the return of distributed photovoltaic power station per kilowatt hour is 1.14 yuan. Calculated according to the installed capacity of 10 MW photovoltaic power station in Nanhui Industrial Park and providing 11.33 million kwh of electricity for industrial production in the park every year, the return on investment period is as long as 7 or 8 years

"at present, the internal rate of return of distributed photovoltaic power stations is more than 10%, which is a theoretical value, so investors are more cautious in their choice." The above industry insiders said

many enterprises are optimistic about the prospect of distributed projects

however, driven by policies, local governments have become the main promoters of distributed photovoltaic projects. A number of distributed photovoltaic projects have been launched, and enterprises are also becoming an important force in distributed project investment

Take Jiangsu and Zhejiang as an example. Recently, a 2.25 MW distributed photovoltaic power station was officially started in Ningbo Beilun Shenzhou Industrial Park. In addition, the total capacity of the subsequent phase II project will reach 3.5 MW, which can provide at least 3.5 million kwh of electricity for the industrial production of the park every year. This is the first enterprise roof distributed photovoltaic power station in Ningbo

the total investment of the project is 30 million yuan. The investor is Ningbo Heda roof energy Co., Ltd., which is a local photovoltaic enterprise with earlier development

according to the calculation, the return per kilowatt hour generated by this distributed photovoltaic power station is 1.15 yuan. According to the installed capacity of Shenzhou 3.5 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station, it is expected to provide 3.5 million kwh of electricity for industrial production in the park every year. The return on investment is 4 million yuan, and it takes 7 to 8 years to recover the cost

among the enterprises investing in distributed photovoltaic projects, there are also listed companies

in February this year, Zhongtian Technology released a refinancing plan, which plans to issue no more than 217 million shares to no more than 10 specific investors at a price of no more than 10.43 yuan/share, raise no more than 2.26 billion yuan for four projects such as "distributed photovoltaic power generation", "submarine cable system engineering", "new energy R & D center" and "high temperature superconducting technology R & D", and supplement working capital. 1.35 billion yuan of the raised funds will be used for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects

Cao Hongbin, director of Zhongtian Technology's new energy industry chain, said earlier, "Zhongtian Technology's distributed photovoltaic project is rooted in Nantong Economic Development Zone. Relying on the support of the local government and Zhongtian's good corporate reputation, plus the resources of nearly 3000 local high-quality enterprises, it is entirely possible to complete the 150 MW demonstration project."

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