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On February 12, when entering the Yiwu plant area of MuLinSen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., we saw tall buildings rising from the ground and the main works of the plant area have been completed. It is understood that after the 15th day of the first lunar month, the construction personnel will carry out construction operations on the internal roads, pipes, greening and curtain walls of the plant, and strive to put into operation as soon as possible

Wu Zheng, a staff member of MuLinSen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., told that the company is transferring the equipment and personnel of Shaoxing plant one after another according to the needs of the construction progress of the plant, and the whole plant is relocated to Yiwu plant. "It is expected that in April this year, we will go to various universities to carry out on-campus recruitment to reserve talents for the project."

according to reports, in July 2016, Mu Linsen, together with Yiwu high tech Zone and IDG capital, set up a 4 billion yuan harmony Mingxin fund to successfully bid for Germany OSRAM lighting business, the world's second largest lighting enterprise, with 500 million euros; In February 2018, it acquired harmony Mingxin with the consent of the CSRC. So far, Mu Linsen has successfully completed the acquisition of OSRAM lighting business in Germany, and gradually transferred the overseas production line of OSRAM lighting to Yiwu base with the residual amount of PE film per mu between 16 and 28 kg

Yiwu mullinsen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. produces 1 billion sets of LED lighting lamps per year. The project is a particularly important industrial project in the province, with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan, mainly producing LED lighting lamps, semiconductor materials, etc. The project was signed in August 2016 and officially started construction in September 2017. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan and an annual tax of 600 million yuan. The machine has beautiful appearance, convenient operation, no pollution and low noise

(the original title "mulinson lighting" makes great efforts to prepare for production "4. Experiments and data processing can be carried out according to GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards, original author Wu Fengyu, Lou Feili)

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