Multi angle competition in laser printer market

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There is a multi angle competition in the laser printer market

people are used to saying that good things come in pairs, because this balance can bring traditional aesthetic harmony. However, in the modern commercial society, strong market competition is the source of the development of the industry with low recycling rate. Only by breaking the balance with competition can we continue to give birth to the vitality of industry progress. As an important first-line manufacturer in the international market, Konica Minolta is such a "competition driver". In the domestic printer industry, the traditional giants HP and Epson have always controlled the monopoly position of the market. The lack of effective competition leads to high product prices and slow improvement of product performance. In 2004, the entry of Konica Minolta broke the monopoly and wrinkled a pool of spring water. Through a series of cost-effective products, it has brought prosperity to the whole market and quickly gained a foothold in the Chinese market. Today, Konica Minolta began to repeat the scene two years ago in the high-end market, and launched a large format of professional color exciting products, marking the arrival of an era of all-round competition

industry competition driver

Konica Minolta has played the role of industry competition driver since the first day of entering China's laser printer market. In 2004, it was the spring of the development of color laser printers in China, and the market experienced an exciting "blowout". As a first-line manufacturer that has made brilliant achievements in the international printer market, Konica Minolta broke the situation that the domestic printer market is monopolized by one or two core manufacturers, making the industry burst out with unprecedented vitality. With effective market positioning and channel integration, Konica Minolta launched a series of cost-effective laser printer products from the two lines of channels and products. In less than a year, it quickly gained a firm foothold and made a beautiful start

shortly after officially entering the Chinese market, Konica Minolta launched the shocking magicolor 2400 series color laser printer. As an entry-level product, Konica Minolta has been giving the price of color laser printers to less than 4000 yuan for the first time, while giving the products such as small body, PictBridge and other advanced functions. It has played a decisive role in the popularization of color laser printers, and has enabled more users to experience wonderful business applications. Since then, Konica Minolta has released the magicolor 5400 series of color laser printer products for the working group level. The biggest feature of this series is that it adopts the black-and-white/color same speed design, which greatly improves the speed, reliability and other performance indicators of color printing. More importantly, among similar products below 10000 yuan, the cost performance of Konica Minolta magicolor 5400 series is quite eye-catching, and products such as magicolor 5430dl soon became the new favorite of many enterprises. The success of these products made Konica Minolta quickly become the "dark horse" to challenge the two giants in the domestic printer market

on March 21, 2006, Konica Minolta released the enterprise class color laser printer magicolor 7440 for high-end applications and the color laser all-in-one machine magicolor 2480mf in the Chinese market. This seemingly ordinary action has dropped a heavy bomb on the otherwise unpopular high-end color laser printer market. The reason is very simple. With two years of successful operation, Konica Minolta has ranked among the top three in the domestic color laser printer market. This intervention in the high-end market will not only bring a new round of competition, but more importantly, it marks that Konica Minolta's product line has been extended to the high-end market, and an era of all-round competition is coming

the era of comprehensive competition is coming

the successful promotion of Konica Minolta color laser printer products has made the concept of color business deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Large business, education, finance and even advertising industries have begun to realize the advantages of color laser printout. With the increasingly frequent business activities of enterprises, the competition in the high-end market has become more and more intense. Users' demand for color business documents and business printing is increasing. The high-end color laser printer market shows an explosive growth trend. At the same time, enterprise users also put forward higher requirements for the performance of high-end color laser printers, such as larger format, faster speed, higher accuracy, and stronger networking capabilities and functions, such as printing small color banners. Past products can no longer meet these needs, and the market is in urgent need of high-end laser printer products with more advanced technology and higher cost performance. p>

at present, although there are many brands in the medium and low-end printer market, Konica Minolta, together with HP and Epson, has occupied most of the market share. In the high-end field, HP and Fuji Xerox occupy the position of dividing up the market. As the second largest printer movement manufacturer in the world, Konica Minolta has mastered all the core technologies related to the production and manufacturing of laser printers, and the mastery of core technologies and components has greatly reduced the production cost. In the context of the success of the medium and low-end market and the increasingly mature channel layout, Konica Minolta has both the ability and desire to compete for the high-end market. The era of comprehensive competition has come naturally

in response to the expanding market demand, Konica Minolta has developed the A3 format Magico. It is understood that the lor 7440 color laser printer can not only print at 25ppm, but also print A3 format, print banners up to 1.2m, support advanced printing language, 2400dpi printing accuracy, built-in Gigabit Ethernet interface, large capacity and expandable printing memory and high-frequency processor, This product has an extremely broad application field: it can be competent in government, education, enterprises, finance and even design, printing and proofing. The introduction of color laser all-in-one machine has brought enterprise users into a new era of color business application. Through the launch of these two products, Konica Minolta has perfectly realized the entry into the high-end market, and has taken a solid first step in the era of comprehensive competition through targeted product research and development

comprehensive competition is not destined to be a zero sum game

China is undoubtedly one of the largest markets in the world. According to IDC statistics, the domestic laser printer market in 2005 increased by 21.4% compared with 2004, and the color laser printer market reached Jinan. What are the advantages of the impact sample broaching machine? With a staggering 45.7%, its sustained and rapid growth in the future makes the Chinese market a competitive place for businesses. For the printer industry, due to the continuous growth of the whole market demand, and the growth rate is not small, which fully shows that these printer giants in the Chinese market can have cake for everyone. The same is to eat cake, which is destined to be big and small. How to eat more is the key

the first is profit. In the era of all-round competition, price war is inevitable. We still remember the fierce competition for the entry-level color laser printer market. So where is the profit of the enterprise? One is the cost, the other is the technical content. Konica Minolta has the core manufacturing capacity of printers and provides OEM services to many other printer enterprises. Therefore, the production cost of Konica Minolta laser printers is basically the lowest. In terms of technical content, Konica Minolta's toner technology, structural design, support for PictBridge interface and other advanced technologies give Konica Minolta's products higher scientific and technological content on the basis of providing competitive performance, which is also the reason why Konica Minolta's laser printer products have become the most cost-effective stars

channels and services cannot be ignored. Marketing ability has a decisive impact on the improvement of sales. Since 2004, Konica Minolta has signed a general agent contract with leading enterprises in the domestic channel industry such as digital China to establish a channel for Konica Minolta laser printers nationwide, so that more users can buy products with excellent cost performance. In order to drive the enthusiasm of local dealers, Konica Minolta held channel conferences in nearly 40 cities in 2005, including many tier 2 and 3 cities. In order to let Konica Minolta's future "God" feel Konica Minolta's advanced products more personally, Konica Minolta also held a door-to-door demonstration activity at the end of last year. All users interested in Konica Minolta can get the printer function demonstration activity personally by Konica Minolta's dealers after filling in the form

the future of the printer industry

Konica Minolta dropped the bomb of magicolor 7440 in the high-end field. In the increasingly booming market of entry-level color laser all-in-one machine, Konica Minolta also released magicolor 2480mf. Konica Minolta's competitors in the middle and low-end fields are HP and Epson, and its competitors in the high-end fields are Fuji Xerox and HP, which is a vivid portrayal of the era of comprehensive competition

today's business output is still dominated by black-and-white output, and most documents are also black-and-white. However, people living in colorful sunshine are obviously not satisfied with this simple, black-and-white printout. Therefore, color laser printing will be the general trend in the future, which is the point of view of Mr. Tadao Kato, representative of Greater China of Konica Minolta Business Technology Co., Ltd. Many products released by Konica Minolta have become the development direction and benchmark of the industry in terms of performance, and the price is the compass of the market trend

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