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Multi axis energy supply system with extendable and shortened links

a year ago, the energy supply system trifl, which can be applied to multi-dimensional motion robots launched by igus (Cologne) Company (hereinafter referred to as igus), has been adopted by Bayer, Daimler kressler and other companies if it has requirements for elongation ex R. This year, igus launched an open "light" version, which can realize rapid installation. At the 2005 Hannover Industrial Expo, eagles launched a new low-cost light version of TriFlex R, which can be used in less complex 3D applications. Mr. Harald Nehring, general manager of igus drag chain system, said: "we have applied the closed design principle to TriFlex R 'light' drag chain products: the flexibility of the hose and the stability of the drag chain are realized within the specified bending degrees of freedom in each direction." The "light" of TriFlex R is lighter. Like TriFlex R, this product can also be provided in four specifications, with stable and reliable performance even for complex multi axis motion tasks. This new modular "light" long-life energy supply system has a wider range of applications, including tool replacement devices, measurement, automatic image processing, laser and bonding applications, and various loading and unloading logistics equipment. These applications usually require inserting a large number of slender startup cables

> reduced to the same minimum as the light-weight parts

use the "Trailer principle" to achieve extremely high tension resistance

using this trailer principle can ensure high tension resistance, which is the same as the trailer connection principle of automobile. Once locked, the ball and the ball groove form a limit motion connection, which can achieve a good combination of smooth movement on the three axes and optimized force transmission. The drag chain must be able to perform specific operation actions in all axes for a long time, and there may be longitudinal axial distortion up to ± 380 °/m. Thanks to the use of excellent and stable internal fastening points, the lightweight TriFlex r has very small bending radii (58, 87, 110 and 145 mm respectively) and can easily perform cable radial and twisting movements. This greatly reduces the cable stress, so it prolongs the service life of the cable and can supply energy and medium without fault. In addition, the smooth internal contour is also conducive to prolonging the service life of the cable

use the trailer principle to achieve high tension resistance

rapid assembly and full flexibility

due to the adoption of the concept of "convenient drag chain" developed by Eagles - the cable can be easily pushed into the opening - the drag chain assembly is convenient. The cable can be easily inserted through the elastic opening support, and by using the same method, it can also be pulled out by hand after a comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing ability and reliability of the testing institution by the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the provincial level. After the cable is inserted, the elastic support will automatically return to its original position. For users, this fast loading and unloading method saves time in a real sense and further reduces the cost. The light TriFlex R can adapt to the changes of technical process, such as the change of loading and unloading unit position. 5. Host stiffness

transparent operation

a decisive advantage of the new modular drag chain is that all cables are visible over the entire length, which makes routine inspection easier. This feature is particularly important for transparent hoses that use compressed air to deliver bolts, screws or similar consumables. In case of blockage, the affected part can be quickly located inside the hose

three cable cavities

three cavities inside the TriFlex r easily isolate electrical, fluid and gas supply lines. In addition, it can be replaced regularly when the supply line may bear more wear. This can happen on the delivery hose of rivets, screws or bolts - these parts can be guided separately in an inner cavity

suitable accessories

igus has accurately matched the new energy supply system to the accessories range of larger automatic robot drag chain models. TriFlex R's connecting elements are also suitable for new lightweight products - optimized stress relief connecting elements and intermediate fastening devices, such as thermal protective sleeves and other components that protect them from welding and metal spatter up to 600 ℃. (end)

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