Multi cigarette bag paper deformation die cutting

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Multi cigarette bag paper deformation die cutting solution

in the process of multi cigarette bag printing, due to the influence of objective factors, the printed paper is deformed to varying degrees. When these paper deformed prints are die-cutting, there is often the problem of re making the die-cutting plate due to the wrong die-cutting position after being on the machine. This brings great difficulty to post-processing die-cutting molding and greatly reduces the qualified rate of finished products

adjustable movable die-cutting plate, that is, according to the deformation law of multi cigarette bag products, double knife die-cutting positions are added at the appropriate position in the deformation direction of printing products to form front and rear or left and right separation and unitization; An adjuster is installed between the two knife die cutting positions, which can be adjusted according to the deformation direction of the printing during die cutting

in order to make you have a further understanding of the adjustable movable die-cutting plate (hereinafter referred to as the movable plate), it is compared with the wooden die-cutting plate

1. Cost and benefit of movable plate and common wood die-cutting plate

plate making cost:

2. The display of software interface is different

the cost of making an ordinary wood die-cutting plate is 6750 yuan, and the cost of changing the indentation line is 480 yuan

the cost of making an activity version is 80000 yuan


due to the deformation of the paper, 2 ~ 3 ordinary wood die-cutting plates may need to be made for a print

the movable version can be adjusted according to the deformation of the paper without re plate making

2. Loading and calibration time and service life

loading and calibration time: the loading time of common wood die-cutting plate is 4 hours, and it takes 1.5 hours to change the indentation line

tensile strength and deformation rate

the movable version adopts a whole steel bottom formwork, and the installation time is 2.5 hours without changing the line

service life:

the commonly used wooden die-cutting plate can be replaced with the die-cutting knife for 3 times and imprinted for 1.5 million times; The indentation line shall be changed once when molding 150000 times

the movable version can change the die-cutting knife for 20 ~ 25 times and imprint 15 ~ 20 million times; The indentation line shall be used permanently

3. Molding effect and intangible benefits

molding effect:

the indentation of common wood die-cutting plates has inconsistent weight, indentation deviation and line explosion, and the molding effect is unstable

the indentation line of the movable version is full and the crease is standard. It can be adjusted in case of indentation deviation and line burst, and the forming effect is good

intangible benefits:

in terms of product quality, the commonly used wood die-cutting plates often have the problem of indentation deviation, and the qualified rate of finished products is low

the movable version can be adjusted according to the paper deformation, there will be no indentation deviation, and the qualified rate of finished products is high

4. The actual cost

is calculated by cutting 15 million pieces of two versions at the same time. The actual cost is shown in Table 1

5. Financial budget and cost reduction data

based on the calculation of 15 million die cuts per work order (24 copies) for each movable plate, the plate making cost is saved by 64340 yuan. Compared with the commonly used wood die cutting plate, the time of plate revision, line change and knife change is saved by 220 hours, which greatly improves the production efficiency. According to the existing product orders of the company, the white card "Lanzhou" is 15 million pieces/year, "ocean" is 15 million pieces/year, and the high-quality and ordinary "seabird" are 15 million pieces/year. After conservative calculation, four adjustable movable die-cutting plates need to be made, which can save about 260000 yuan of plate making cost and 880 hours of production time. Based on the income of 500 yuan per machine per hour, the saved time can earn 440000 yuan for the company. The total of the two items is about 700000 yuan through the strict requirements for equipment. After the comprehensive promotion and application, the benefits saved are very optimistic

6. Operation instructions

according to the deformation of the printed paper, adjust it at the adjustment position of the hexagonal screw of the regulator. The forward direction is to increase the double knife distance, the reverse direction is to reduce the double knife distance, and the maximum adjustable distance is 3mm

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