Multi channel coated die to improve productivity

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Multi channel coating die improves productivity

EDI extrusion die company (EDI) of the United States announced that the first multi channel liquid applied to the substrate is close to the coating die, so that the processor can complete two or more layers of brushing with a single die at the same time, so as to obtain higher productivity than the multi-stage brushing process, and avoid oxidation and fouling between various stages of the coating

EDI revealed that a high-performance electronic film manufacturer has successfully used EDI ultracoat (R-type) manual coating die with double and three channels to brush two and three layers of ceramic mortar on the polyester film substrate

Jeffrey seckora, product manager of coating die, said: "coating die (i.e. close to coating method) As a result, it is easier to control the liquid flow rate completely than the traditional roller coating system, so it is more efficient than the traditional roller coating system. The development of multi channel slit die enables processors to complete two or more layers of painting at one time, so as to raise the productivity and quality advantage to a new height. "

seckora pointed out that the multi channel ultracoat die can also be used in other aspects, such as brushing the silicone release layer and pressure-sensitive adhesive at the same time in the process of paper brushing, and brushing the electrolytic layer and cathode layer on the thin-film battery

the die designed by EDI engineers can produce the coating flow forming laminar flow (the coating is still obvious after the coating material is combined), so as to successfully develop the multi channel ult. Looking at the racoat system from the change of working principle of demand 2 in the future. "Viscous liquids are easier to achieve laminar flow, just like melt flow in plastic coextrusion. For liquids with weak viscosity close to the coating, our engineers designed a streamlined system so that there will be no disorder or material mixing when different flow layers meet," seckora said

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