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"In the future, solar photothermal will play a greater role in the process of energy conservation and emission reduction. As far as the current solar photothermal market is concerned, the slow renewal of technical products has become a major factor restricting the development of the industry." On the 23rd, at the "national solar water heating system product upgrading, updating, generation development and quality improvement Forum for the combination of solar energy and buildings" hosted by China solar energy and heat utilization industry alliance and other institutions, Zhang Xiaoli, executive director of the alliance, believed that technological innovation, product upgrading and market integration will become the main topics faced by China's solar energy and heat industry in the future

as China's economy turns into the "new normal", the solar thermal industry, which has been more than 30 years old, is facing many difficulties and is also looking for new business opportunities. Many enterprises are actively implementing multi-channel breakthrough through technological innovation to seek industrial transformation and upgrading. After the international financial crisis, some people in the industry pessimistically believe that the solar energy industry has touched the industrial 'ceiling', but we don't think so Zhang Xiaoli told the guide that at present, 50 million early models of various solar water heater products are distributed in urban and rural areas throughout the country

in the next 10 years or so, these products will reach the design service life without exception, waiting for the upgrading of many new solar products with advanced technology and higher design standards, which will undoubtedly mean a huge market of more than 100 billion yuan a year. At the forum, Zou huaisong, chairman of creative energy technology Co., Ltd. from Beijing, took his model project in a university as an example to show his timely and synchronous transmission and sharing of information under the mode of "interconnection + solar energy + heat pump + water purification project", which brought the fashionable consumption feeling of college students; Zhuhai Xingye New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. showed the participants that it combined solar photovoltaic and light and heat to build the world's largest centralized continuous roof photovoltaic power station in Xiangtan, Hunan, and explored a new industrial desertification control mode of "photovoltaic power generation + modern agriculture" in Wuwei solar product R & D base, Gansu Chen dianyun, Deputy Secretary General of the international metal solar energy industry alliance, believes that the combination of interconnection technology and solar thermal utilization industry will also open up many unimaginable growth spaces for this industry

recently, I saw on the solar Plaza of Huangming group in the Sun Valley of Texas that the series of products newly developed by this solar energy industry giant, such as solar barbecue ovens, solar chargers, solar luggage clothing, solar toys and so on, form a new product corridor with a large lineup. Huang Ming, chairman of Huangming group, said after introducing the product performance to one by one that Huangming group is also seeking transformation. On the basis of consolidating the original traditional markets such as water heater and hot water engineering, Huangming group is developing a new product sequence targeting young consumers through the integration of photovoltaic technology and heat collection technology. In the past few years, Huangming group has also been committed to promoting its micro platoon City, micro platoon hospital, micro platoon school and other overall solutions integrating intelligent technology and micro platoon concept

"I think the biggest breakthrough in the solar heat utilization industry lies in the field of building integration." Song zhaoshen, chairman of Shandong Haoke solar energy Co., Ltd., told the guide that at present, the integration of solar energy and construction has become the consensus of the government, enterprises and consumers. 35 provinces and cities across the country have successively issued a policy of mandatory installation of solar water heating system, requiring all new floors below the 12th floor to be installed with solar energy. To this end, its company has been obsessed with studying the "south wall heat collection plan" of CSCEC for many years, so as to realize the "mosaic integration" of solar products and buildings

"at present, the solar energy industry is at a turning point where opportunities and challenges coexist. The 800 million square meter ownership index in the 13th five year plan shows us that the industry of directly measuring radius and strain energy from the sun is a promising industry." Zhang Xiaoli said that what China's solar thermal utilization industry should do at present is to continue to adhere to, adhere to innovation and guide industrial upgrading

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economic internal circulation because they require us to realize the visual effect of glass, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry in April 2021

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is gradually under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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