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Multi format color film scanner

Microtek launched an artixscan4500t high-resolution, multi format color film scanner, which can be used for micintosh or windows platform. The scanner can obtain 42 bit color depth and 1000 Kodak CCD components. The slightest detail in an underexposed or overexposed image can be detected. It is said that this scanner can achieve the imaging quality of the drum scanner, with a maximum optical resolution of 2571 DPI and a maximum optical density of 3.9 Dmax. Artixscan scan output products of various sizes, ranging from 35mm slides to medium to 4 × 5-inch film will not deform. Attached to artixscan4500t is the scanning software scanwizard pro of Microtek company, which provides all-round image correction control. Artix continues to provide new material solutions for household appliances. Scan series is a professional product provided to Guangao, publishing and printing, representing the highest level of photoelectric digital input technology in the world. It has a wider density range and higher sharpness, eliminates the Newton ring phenomenon caused by the traditional platform scanner when scanning film, reduces the distortion and loss of light, and ensures the requirements of professional users

1. Select the right angle specimen without cutting edge: the right angle specimen without cutting edge is the synthesis of the beginning and expansion of tear.

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