Morning tips for epichlorohydrin market 15

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Early tips of epichlorohydrin market

yesterday, the domestic epichlorohydrin market was horizontally sorted out. The mainstream transaction price was still around yuan/ton, and the high transaction was still not easy. The factory still had its own policies, but the price gap was gradually narrowing, some cash delivery prices were slightly lower, downstream buyers still purchased on demand, and the epoxy resin market also fell to a certain extent

although the supply-demand relationship of the market is still the main factor determining the final trend of the price, the target market is still dominated by manufacturers. Recently, domestic factories continue to improve the advantages of traditional methods in terms of device operation instability and output: rising slowly to stabilize the market, but the expansion of production capacity and output in the later stage are also inevitable. At the end of EC57 fly ash small hollow experiment, the price of block h will finally have a new positioning

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