Oralb Oral B electric toothbrush p7500 Baikal

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Oralb/Oreb electric toothbrush p7500 Baikal blue new product launch evaluation

oralb/Oreb electric toothbrush P7 increased by more than 30% year-on-year; Based on the cobalt consumption hovering in the previous two years, 500 Baikal blue new products are listed

five modes of 3D acoustic cleaning smart Bluetooth. The latest user evaluation feelings are collected as follows and shared for your choice and reference

first use feeling: I stared at the toothbrush for a long time and gritted my teeth while I was paid. I didn't regret it. It has high appearance value, super good hand feeling and full of literary and artistic style. The package is tightly packed without crushing. The travel box is also very textured and portable. The customer service attitude is super good, Zanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzanzan Manufacturer: Guangzhou P & G Co., Ltd.

applicable crowd: adult

Color Classification: p7500 Baikal blue p7500 Cat Power customized p7500 gift box customized

charging mode: Inductive charging

type of electric toothbrush: Rotary

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