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Common sense in life - Application of dehumidifier

humidity and temperature in the air are everywhere. Huangmei in the South has low temperature and high humidity, so people feel stuffy and uncomfortable. At the same time, the damage caused by moisture and mold to metal oxidation occurs unconsciously at any time. When the relative humidity of the environment is greater than 60%, mold can grow. When the humidity is greater than 85%, mold is a high incidence environment

in industrial products, optical lenses, magnetic recording materials (including optical discs), shadow starting machines, such as film, electronic information media, electronic raw devices, instruments, meters, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather, tobacco, food, tea, grain and so on are all items that need to control humidity

the scientific research report points out that the human body has high requirements for the humidity of the living environment. The relative humidity is better at%, preferably not less than 50% in winter and not more than 80% in summer

if the humidity is too high, it will easily lead to:

1. Moisture and mildew of clothing leather

2. Deterioration of food, medicine and tobacco

3. Electrical appliances and precision instruments are damaged by moisture

4. Water stains on walls and floors, resulting in moldy documents, decorations and collectibles

5. Bacteria breed in spring, which is easy to induce respiratory diseases and rheumatism

it is difficult for human body to dissipate heat in summer, which increases the chance of heatstroke; Winter will accelerate the conduction of heat and make people feel cold

it can be seen that reducing humidity is not only concerned by the warehouse department, but also needed by the people living at home

Dehumidifier, also known as dehumidifier

dehumidifiers have been widely used in families, offices, archives and reference rooms Regularly check the screw, library, computer room, precision instrument room, hospital and valuables warehouse at the jaw to reset the parameters of electronic products, optical instruments and precision equipment; Valuables avoid damp and moldy bad luck. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the renewal of people's consumption concept, Ormond (Linhai) dehumidifier has gradually entered families and become an indispensable member of many families. Especially in the rainy season, they have become the protective gods of high-end clothing, leather goods and high-end household appliances, the patients with rheumatism, respiratory system and other diseases, as well as the health care workers of the elderly, pregnant women and infants, so as to create a good environment for all users who need appropriate humidity. (end)

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