Orange automation shines on the northeast industry

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On April 9, 2008, following the establishment of an office in Shenyang in December 2007, baccalais made a brilliant debut at the "2008 Northeast China 11th International Industrial Equipment Expo" held in Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was co sponsored by Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry association and North Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. and received the full support of more than 60 relevant government departments, associations and societies. In line with the unremitting innovation concept, b r exhibited the full line of automation products for the participants at the exhibition. The beautiful "automationisorange" flag, rich product display, and aproldemo and automationstudio software that can allow the audience to participate in the interaction make the bekale booth the highlight of the whole exhibition hall. The audience stopped to visit one after another and consulted the technical engineers of bekale in detail about the technical problems they are interested in

on the booth, there are also four orange cabinets, which are very conspicuous. This is the innovation exhibition area of baccalais. For example, almg5 and 483 alloys in France show apc810, acoposmulti, powerpanel 400 and safety product series

2008 is the fifth year of revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China. With the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China for a long time, today we mainly introduce the use of electronic universal experimental machine and the in-depth implementation of the main function base strategy. The old industrial base in Northeast China radiates new vitality and the northeast region presents a good development trend. Northeast China is an important area of Baccarat's market strategy in China. This grand appearance gives northeast industry customers the opportunity to get a close understanding of Baccarat's leading products and technologies, and also makes the audience deeply remember this automation brand from Europe - baccarat (BR)

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