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Super burn! XCMG Hanfeng heavy truck delivered 300 vehicles and shocked 600 orders

overcombustion! XCMG Hanfeng heavy truck delivered 300 vehicles and shocked 600 orders

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on October 18, the people across the country ushered in the "19th national congress". The delivery ceremony of XCMG heavy truck Jiujiang logistics 300 Hanfeng LNG tractors with the theme of "leading the peak cooperation and creating green steel" was grandly held in Qian'an, Hebei Province. Yang Dongsheng, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group, Luo Donghai, assistant general manager of XCMG group, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG automobile division, Wang Liang, general manager of Jiujiang logistics, and more than 200 high-end customer representatives from Tangshan, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin and Yingkou attended. The huge iron and steel Legion composed of 300 military green Hanfeng LNG tractors was neatly arrayed in the logo of XCMG. After being reviewed, it was put into busy operation

overcombustion! XCMG Hanfeng heavy truck delivered 300 vehicles and shocked 600 orders

at the meeting, Luo Donghai, assistant general manager of XCMG group, general manager of business division and Secretary of the Party committee, also signed a long-term cooperation strategic agreement with Mr. Wang Liang. We also learned that more than 600 orders from other major customers were obtained on site

the report of the 19th National Congress clearly stated that "we will strive to build China into a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful modern socialist power". As the mainstay of China's industrial field and a major country, XCMG has always cherished the ambition of "serving the country through industry", constantly led the industry to a new high, constantly assisted economic development with new technologies and products and beautified the living environment. The delivery of 300 LNG heavy trucks is a generous gift to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Yang Dongsheng, general manager of XCMG group, said in his speech that the cooperation between Qian'an Jiujiang and XCMG group has a long history. From 120 LNG loaders two years ago to 300 LNG tractors, the "industry first order" in the two major industrial fields was jointly created by Jiujiang group and XCMG group. The two sides have formed good, mutual trust and Stable strategic partnership

with the rapid development of China's economy, green environmental protection has become one of the core themes of social development and the foundation of sustainable development. As the largest wire rod enterprise in Asia, Jiujiang group has always taken environmental protection as the top priority of the enterprise. Many years ago, Jiujiang group took the lead in investing a huge amount of money in the whole industry to implement large-scale environmental protection technological transformation, becoming a landmark green steel enterprise in the industry and making great contributions to environmental protection and social development

as the largest construction machinery and special vehicle manufacturing enterprise in China, XCMG always takes doing everything for customers seriously and continuously improving customer value as its action direction. In strict accordance with the industry gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" proposed by Chairman Wang Min, we have actively led the development of green and environmental protection products. As early as 2009, we have taken the lead in developing LNG new energy technology in the whole industry. At present, we have covered a variety of construction machinery and heavy truck products, and made significant breakthroughs in product economy, safety, reliability and comfort

Yang Dongjing, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group, delivered a speech

excellent products, high-quality service and higher value win favor

Yang Dongsheng said that heavy truck is an emerging strategic industry of XCMG group. In this industry, it is also one of the fastest growing and most promising enterprises. Product development always adheres to high-end entry and high-end foothold. The new generation of Hanfeng series platforms fully integrate and apply European first-class technical resources in technology, and rely on the most advanced intelligent manufacturing system in China in manufacturing. At present, it has realized the comprehensive coverage of the three platforms and five lines of the latest generation of products in China, and injected more dynamic new power into the development of China's commercial vehicle industry with stronger strength and more outstanding level

XCMG Hanfeng heavy truck

while providing excellent products, XCMG heavy truck has also surpassed the traditional practices of the industry in terms of service. It has not only improved the first-class service network covering the whole country, but also launched personalized service guarantee schemes for specific users. Taking this cooperation as an example, XCMG heavy truck has carefully arranged intensive service and spare parts guarantee networks along each transportation line of users to ensure efficient operation of users

precisely because it can provide users with higher value, XCMG has formed a significant competitive advantage for high-end market and large users. As Wang Liang, general manager of Jiujiang logistics, said in his speech: "the qualifications of seven enterprises have been revoked." many years ago, Jiujiang group reached a strategic cooperation relationship with XCMG group. Now, with the rapid development and growth of XCMG, the quality of Hanfeng heavy truck makes Jiujiang group very satisfied. With the opportunity of replacing clean energy vehicles by Jiujiang group, Jiujiang group purchases 300 LNG tractors in advance. Of course, the first choice is XCMG Hanfeng. "

Wang Liang, general manager of Jiujiang logistics, delivered a speech

in fact, Jiujiang logistics operates more than 2000 transport vehicles of all kinds, which is the largest self owned transport fleet of enterprises in China and has been used almost all mainstream brands in China. The selection of Hanfeng heavy truck this time is a scientific decision based on sufficient preliminary investigation and demonstration

president Luo signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wang Liang

president Luo delivered the "golden key"

mobile luxury house and wealth car to Wang Liang. It is the first choice for the new generation of truck people. The outstanding performance of Hanfeng heavy truck has not only attracted many large customers, but also attracted many card friends who love cars, understand cars, cherish truck culture, integrate their lives into trucks and have pioneering spirit. At the delivery ceremony, Mr. Ding Cheng, a card friend who is widely loved by 30 million card friends (Luoda V, named "a San who travels all over the country") also came to the scene. On the occasion of updating his vehicle, he was pleased to sign a Hanfeng heavy truck purchase agreement with Zhao Lianqi, deputy general manager of XCMG automobile marketing company

When asked why, Mr. Ding Cheng said: first of all, Hanfeng is a good truck. As a truck enthusiast, he has been paying close attention to every brand and their new models. A year ago, when I saw Hanfeng on the road, I was very interested. When I passed Xuzhou, I made a special trip to XCMG heavy truck Xuzhou base for a visit. I appreciated its advanced manufacturing technology and excellent product performance. I didn't want to change cars at that time, so I've been observing it all the time. After one year's observation and judgment, especially the largest order signed by the largest and most rational customer in the industry, he strengthened his confidence and recognized Hanfeng. In this regard, many card friends expressed doubts about why the "third brother" who knows and loves cars would choose a new brand, but Mr. Ding has his rational analysis: on the one hand, Hanfeng adopts the most mainstream configuration, and the product performance and quality are not inferior to any domestic product, so there are no worries about its use and maintenance; On the other hand, Hanfeng is equipped with the latest generation of cab in China, which has significant advantages in safety and comfort. You can feel it as soon as you get on the bus. It has a good "international model", which is very important for truck people who take the car as their home and as the pillar of their family. Now truck people can't only talk about making money, but also talk about safety, comfort and taste. Hanfeng has done it well

tribute to the 19th national congress

secondly, XCMG is full of champion culture. In fact, every new era card friend who travels far and wide has a dream, a pioneering spirit, a champion's feeling and a dream of success. XCMG is the most admirable brand in this respect. In China's equipment manufacturing industry and commercial vehicle industry, XCMG is the brand with the highest degree of internationalization and the most national backbone. It never relies on it and only strives forward. More than 70 years ago, XCMG provided weapons to defeat the invaders and help national independence. Now, XCMG leads the development of China's special vehicle chassis technology and helps the country become strong and prosperous. In recent years, XCMG has won the world champion status in terms of sales volume and technical level. It is the Chinese brand with the most world champions for wheeled vehicles in China. XCMG has strong challenges in the field of special vehicles and has defeated European, American and Japanese brands in many products. XCMG brand represents self-reliance, progress, struggle, never say die, always strive for the first, raise the aspirations of Chinese people and give Chinese people confidence! And he himself is a typical person of temperament. He can do it when he is satisfied

Zhao Lianqi, deputy general manager of the marketing company of the business division, signed a car purchase contract with Mr. Ding Cheng

safe and comfortable, leading technology, richer accumulation and more powerful products

in fact, XCMG is really a "car doctor" and has a wide range of vehicle chassis from 1t to 900t in terms of specifications; In terms of driving type, fully master the three chassis technologies of wheel type, crawler type and walking type; In terms of structural type, fully master the integral and articulated technology; In terms of transmission type, comprehensively master the technologies of mechanical drive, electric drive and hydraulic drive. In fact, XCMG is an invisible master of special vehicle chassis

these technical advantages of XCMG have created the product type of XCMG, which produces unique performance. The industrial heavy truck chassis has significant advantages different from other brands: better stability, better ride comfort and higher structural strength. This can be seen from the extreme driving performance at the scene

two top domestic heavy truck drivers, Mr. Cao Wei and Mr. Peng Qingguo, participated in the extreme driving of this delivery ceremony. The driving operation is tough, wild, skilled and delicate. Their every operation action is a test for the vehicle, but Hanfeng heavy truck provides good cooperation to the two drivers stably and smoothly. Afterwards, the two drivers commented that Hanfeng is a product with obvious generation leadership. It not only has excellent operating performance, but also has outstanding advantages in comfort and safety. It is a good truck worth owning

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