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orchard picking without worry about heavy work new heavy orchard machine is very powerful

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our orchard mostly single household small planting mode, ordinary agricultural machinery orchard low pass, orchard management work almost all rely on manual work, the efficiency is very low, directly affects the growth of fruit trees, fruit yield, Fruit quality and economic benefits of fruit farmers. In recent years, with the change of fruit tree cultivation mode in China, some new orchards adopt the low rootstock dense planting cultivation mode, and the traditional arbor rootstock dense planting orchards are thinned and improved, which provides development conditions for orchard mechanized operation. Aiming at the current situation and demand of orchard operation machinery, through the investigation and analysis of the development status of multi-functional orchard operation machinery at home and abroad, combined with horticultural technology, Yunxiang heavy industry has studied and designed an orchard operation platform with one machine and multi-purpose, which is specially used to assist fruit tree pruning, plant protection, fruit picking and transportation. Check whether the testing machine works normally before testing the samples. The main work includes:

1 According to the cultivation mode of fruit trees and gardening requirements, the overall design parameters of the multi-functional orchard operation platform are determined. According to the working environment of machines and tools, the crawler walking mechanism is adopted. Based on the analysis of the working principle of crawler walking mechanism and curved arm lifting platform, the basic parameters such as total power consumption are determined through kinematics and dynamics knowledge

2. On the basis of determining the basic parameters of the multi-functional orchard operation platform, the main parts are designed or selected, including crawler walking chassis, crank arm mechanism, HST, etc. The curved arm lifting mechanism is designed, the relationship between the force of the hydraulic cylinder and various parameters is determined, and the calculation and verification are carried out to ensure the stability and safety of the operation platform

3. The three-dimensional parametric feature model of the multi-functional orchard operation platform is created by using Pro/E software. Through the mechanism module embedded in Pro/E, the motion simulation analysis and interference inspection of the scissor lifting mechanism model are carried out. The force analysis results of the hydraulic cylinder under Pro/E environment are compared with the calculation results of the installation size, stroke and derivation formula of the hydraulic cylinder, so as to ensure that the mechanism can meet the design requirements and improve the safety of the equipment, Saves material. The three-dimensional design, assembly, motion analysis and interference analysis of the components of the multi-function orchard operation platform with novel structure are carried out

4. Check all parts and complete the trial production of the prototype. The multi-functional orchard was tested on the same time industry platform. The test content mainly includes testing the lifting height, lifting stability, driving speed and obstacle crossing ability of the prototype. The test data were evaluated and the results met the requirements of horticulture

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