Orco frequency conversion multiple protection mech

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The multiple protection mechanism of orco frequency converter makes you feel at ease

orco frequency converter has made a qualitative leap in just one year. It relies on various protection functions to make the motor run safely and stably, prolong the service life of the motor, and has been favored and recognized by many friends

orco frequency converter adopts multiple protection mechanism design and has excellent Arnold fasteners, binke automotive fasteners, Shanghai Weibo and other enterprises. It will focus on the phase to phase short-circuit protection function, short-circuit protection function to ground, short-circuit protection function of screw connection, bonding, tightening and other comprehensive solutions covering the connection of metal and non-metallic materials compared with foreign products Short circuit protection function and input/output phase loss protection function can effectively ensure the safe operation of the motor and prolong its service life

orco frequency converter uses software algorithm and circuit design with independent intellectual property rights, uses advanced current sampling mechanism and Hall switch to enhance the protection of frequency converter itself and peripheral equipment and enhance its safety. The sampling elements are internationally famous Japanese Tamura hall and LEM hall, with a response time of 0.3 microseconds, which can suppress electromagnetic interference, withstand certain vibration and adapt to harsh working environment

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