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The special promotion meeting of Zoomlion zcc8800w with orders of nearly 100 million yuan was successfully concluded in Xingtai, Hebei

the special promotion meeting of Zoomlion zcc8800w with orders of nearly 100 million yuan was successfully concluded in Xingtai, Hebei

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the acceleration of urbanization has brought about the continuous increase of energy demand. In order to better maintain the home environment and implement the concept of ecological development, all provinces and cities have implemented their own "blue sky plan". Many high energy consumption projects have been suspended, and green and clean wind power projects have been launched one after another. Hebei Linxi wind power project is a model. The wind blows around the beautiful village in the west of Xingtai, Hebei; On one side, the fan is towering and rotating slowly. Tranquility, beauty and rapid development coexist harmoniously here

▲ members of the project observation meeting took a group photo as a souvenir

on July 5, the special promotion meeting of Zoomlion zcc8800w was held in Linxi County, Xingtai, Hebei Province. More than 50 professional customers from all over the country rushed to the construction site to see the grandeur of Zoomlion's new generation wind power hoisting weapon zcc8800w in the construction. During the on-site construction, zcc8800w steadily hoisted the assembled fan blades to the 140 meter high tower. The whole process took only 15 minutes. The fast, accurate and stable hoisting performance won the applause of on-site customers

▲ at the site of the observation meeting of Zoomlion crawler crane Linxi wind farm project

Mr. Zhang Yi, general manager of Zoomlion North China branch, mentioned in his welcome speech at the promotion meeting, The zcc8800w crawler crane newly developed by Zoomlion is aimed at domestic Bayer CEO marijn Dekkers, who said: "Our goal is to build the wind power market from Bayer to yuchengqiu, a leading technical cooperation enterprise, with a maximum boom of 150m and a 7m wind power pole head, covering large construction fields such as wind power, thermal power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, subway and water conservancy. The wind power working conditions meet the hoisting of 120m 3MW fans and 140m 2.0MW ~ 2.5MW fans.

▲ Zoomlion crawler crane helps the construction of Linxi canal wind power project

it is reported that In the North Xingtai Linxi canal 200MW wind farm project, there are currently three zcc8800w and one quy800 crawler crane under construction on site. The project plans to install 90 wind turbines with a single unit capacity of 2.2MW and one wind turbine with a single unit capacity of 2.0MW. After the project is put into operation, it can effectively alleviate the pressure of local environmental protection and promote the sustainable development of low-carbon economy. The excellent performance of Zoomlion crawler crane in the construction project forms a strong support for the realization of Hebei Lantian security plan

▲ Zoomlion crawler crane helps Linxi canal wind power project construction

Zoomlion crawler crane "The microbial genome engineering laboratory has made a series of outstanding achievements in DNA recombination technology, microbial pesticide preparations, targeted tumor treatment and other research fields. The machine products have always had a good reputation and good performance in the industry. Since 2014, Zoomlion crawler crane has started the product 4.0 project to rectify and upgrade the product spectrum. Combined with the market demand, the performance parameters, lifting performance, work efficiency and serviceability of the whole product have been evaluated Improve the reliability, convenience of disassembly and transportation and intelligence as a whole; According to the construction requirements of different working conditions, crawler cranes with medium and small tonnage, large tonnage and super large tonnage are launched, covering 12 categories of construction conditions, such as wind power, petrochemical, thermal power, subway shield and water conservancy

zcc8800w crawler crane is such an upgraded product with great concentration. It has successively performed well in Jiangsu Shenneng Gaoyou East 100MW wind farm project, Shandong Dezhou Lingcheng 76mw wind farm project and Hebei Xingtai Linxi canal 200MW wind farm project. The market response is strong, and the customer's repurchase is the best affirmation of the product performance

▲ Zoomlion crawler crane signing ceremony site

it is understood that customers signed an order agreement before the end of this special promotion meeting. A total of nearly 100 million yuan of order contracts were signed on site, covering zcc8800w, quy650, quy500 and other crawler crane products. This is another big order since zcc8800w was launched to the market in November 2017. Zoomlion crawler crane has once again set off a market ordering boom with excellent product performance and accurate market positioning

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