Orange Business Services provides collaboration an

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Orange Business Services provides collaboration and contact center services for Zim

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CTI Forum (July 7) (compiled/Lao Qin): Zim inte will leave some water traces on the lens surface. Gra. If there are special requirements, Ted shipping has extended its contract for cloud based contact center and collaboration services with orange business services, including network connection, audio and web conference. The solution will continue to improve the collaboration and productivity of 20 contact centers around the world, so as to bring a better experience to Zim customers

Zim is an operator in the global container transportation industry. Orange, as its trusted partner, has a long-term cooperative relationship with the shipping provider to provide its global enterprise IT infrastructure

freight companies need to remain agile in a rapidly changing market and provide an excellent customer experience. As a reliable partner, orange business services has continuously adapted to the requirements of Zim and improved the contact center and UCC services to meet the business needs of Zim and the development of customer expectations. Now, in the Zim business process, the ability to closely link business applications with the communication environment has become a real-time strategic tool to communicate with and serve global customers. Fabricede Windt, senior vice president of orange business services Europe

these solutions are crucial to help ZIM survive the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupt the global supply chain. Despite the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, we have successfully maintained a high level of customer experience in our global branches, which makes many of our customer service teams have to work from home in a very short time. This is largely due to the technology and functionality of orange business services, explained Assaf Tiran, vice president of global customer service at Zim

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