Orange communication solution helps Aurecon

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Orange communication solution helps Aurecon improve business efficiency and collaboration

Orange communication solution helps Aurecon improve business efficiency and collaboration

-- multi year contract has laid a solid foundation for supporting the company's business strategy and improving the service delivery of more than 7500 users

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ctiforum April 10 news (Li Wenjie) : help Aurecon transform its global communication infrastructure through fully managed security network solutions and it services, so as to improve its collaboration, work efficiency and service availability. Aoyuguan is a global leader in providing engineering, management and professional technical services to government and private sector customers

optimized network can prioritize application software and improve collaboration

as part of the five-year contract, orange will redesign, integrate and manage aoyuguan's network infrastructure and deploy a high-speed global wide area network connecting 80 sites. Orange solution includes a powerful MPLS backbone, involving interconnected connection, cloud based security and application software. At the international wire and cable Seminar (IWCS), it announced the launch of the performance optimization of the new generation of optical fiber coating technology desolite supercoatings, which can connect more than 7500 users in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East

in addition, orange will provide a fully managed, integrated and optimized network solution, which can prioritize important application software. This powerful platform enables end users to experience better collaboration through existing web, voice and video services

the powerful and flexible service management mode can support aoyuguan's global operation

by adopting orange's industry-leading service management mode, aoyuguan will have comprehensive visibility into its own infrastructure and resources. This customized service management solution is specially tailored to the unique environment and business objectives of aoyuguan, which can improve service delivery and greatly improve work efficiency

Sean elwick, head of aoyuguan is, said: adjusting our services and networks so that our customers can win and cooperate to deliver projects is an important cornerstone of our is strategy. Obtaining professional skills and local technical knowledge anywhere and anytime in the world is very important for aoyuguan to provide world-class engineering and technical services. We constantly seek better ways to meet the needs of customers in developed countries and emerging markets. Orange's network coverage, technology platform and industry-leading service model are very consistent with our goals. Working together with orange, we hope to further improve our business through practical network improvement and service efficiency

Gordon makryllos, general manager in charge of Australasia, said: we let customers benefit from global collaboration and help them improve the efficiency of employees, partners and customers. We have professional and technical advantages, understand the unique business challenges faced by aoyuguan 12. Stress control rate range: 0.005% ~ 6% FS/s, and are honored to support their transformation. This collaboration further validates our collaborative approach and highlights our market position as a leading global communications integrator. We are committed to providing innovative service achievements and improving the of aoyuguan. We understand that the pendulum impact testing machine is aimed at the business value of the impact resistance of relevant materials under dynamic load

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