Morning express of steel market on December 6 and

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On December 6, the morning express of the steel market and the trend forecast of various varieties

six economic policy signals were released. The Shanghai stock index returned to 2000 points yesterday: on December 4, the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee "set the tone" for next year's economic work. The six economic policy signals transmitted by the meeting and the multi-faceted development direction emphasized "foreshadowed" the structural market of a shares. Prompted yesterday's A-share market staged a massive rebound, against the recent sustained pattern of weak shocks, the Shanghai index rose 2.87% to regain the 2000 point mark, and the Shenzhen index rose more than 3%. The transaction volume of the two cities throughout the day reached more than 150 billion yuan, a sharp increase of more than 80% over the previous trading day. The decline of PPI in November may continue to narrow, and CPI will return to the "2 era": on Sunday, the National Bureau of statistics will announce the operation of the national economy in November. Affected by factors such as rising food prices, the agency predicts that CPI will return to the "2 era". At the same time, the year-on-year growth rate of the national industrial producer price index (PPI) in November will further pick up compared with the previous month, the total retail sales and other data will also come out of the trough, and China's economic operation showed signs of bottoming out in the fourth quarter. The meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee downplayed the GDP index and increased 40 trillion investment in urbanization in 10 years: the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee clearly put forward "actively and steadily promote urbanization and orderly promote the citizenization of agricultural transfer population". The central economic work conference will be held soon to "set the tone" for macroeconomic policies in 2013. "We should focus on improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth", which is regarded by the outside world as a signal to weaken the domestic GDP index. Another development direction is to create a hybrid color changing system that can combine intelligent materials, sensor chips and LEDs. Urbanization, the development of service industry and the development of the central and western regions are still the policy priorities in the future. Blue Book of the Academy of Social Sciences: China's economic growth will be about 8.2% next year: yesterday, the 2013 economic blue book and China's economic situation report meeting were held in Beijing. Li Xuesong, deputy editor in chief of the blue book and deputy director of the Institute of quantitative economics, said that China's economy is expected to achieve steady and moderate growth in 2013, with a GDP growth rate of about 8.2%, which is higher than 7.7% this year under the benchmark. [steel and related information] in the fourth quarter, China's economy has bottomed out and rebounded, or increased by 7.7% in the whole year: the economic blue book released by the Chinese Academy of social sciences on the 5th pointed out that affected by the European debt crisis and the slowdown of world economic growth, China's economic growth in 2012 will fall significantly compared with the previous year. It is expected that the annual GDP growth will be about 7.7%, and the growth rate will fall by 1.6 percentage points compared with the previous year. Next year, China's economy will achieve steady and moderate growth, and the GDP growth rate will reach about 8.2%. The power coal price merger plan has been approved, and the coal price rise is imminent: the power coal price merger plan has been approved by the State Council and will be issued to relevant units as soon as Friday. Power coal price merger will cancel key coal contracts and replace them with medium and long-term contracts. However, the willingness of power enterprises to hope for real-time linkage of electricity prices failed. The scheme only said that it would continue to improve the linkage mechanism of coal and electricity prices and take temporary measures in accordance with the law in case of sharp fluctuations in electricity and coal prices. [overview of steel spot market] on Wednesday (12.5), the macro positive continued to ferment, and the stock market and futures market continued to rise sharply, driving the spot steel price to rise steadily and slightly, increasing the willingness of some terminals to take goods, and low-price transactions continued to improve. According to market monitoring, as of the closing on December 5, the average price of 6.5mm high-speed wire was 3538 yuan, up 9 yuan; The average price of 25mm grade III deformed steel bar was 3630 yuan, up 3 yuan; 5.5mm plain carbon hot rolling was reported as 3855 yuan, with an average price increase of 2 yuan; The average price of 1.0mm cold plate was 4576 yuan, up 4 yuan; The average price of 20mm medium plate was 3696 yuan, down 3 yuan; The average price of 1.0mm galvanizing is 4774 yuan/ton, up 2 yuan; The average price of 0.47mm color coating is 5507 yuan, flat; 2.5 * 145 strip steel, tax included 3320 yuan, flat; The average price of 4-inch (3.75mm) welded pipe was 3742 yuan, up 2 yuan; The average price of 108 * 4.5mm seamless pipe is 4453 yuan, flat; The average price of 25# I-beam was 3853 yuan, up 2 yuan; The average price of 25# channel steel was 3758 yuan, up 2 yuan; The average price of 5# angle steel was 3708 yuan, down 3 yuan; The average price of 200 * 200H section steel was 3704 yuan, down 8 yuan. [overview of steel futures market] on December 5, the main rebar 1305 contract of the previous period opened at 3565 yuan/ton on the 5th. It fluctuated at a low level in the morning and began to rise in large quantities at noon. The highest price rose to 3632 yuan/ton, the lowest price fell to 3554 yuan/ton, and it closed at 3619 yuan/ton in the evening. The design requirements, type experiments, signs and Quality control bsen124: 1994 increased by 68 yuan or 1.91% over the previous trading day; Trading volume, position. [overview of raw material market] iron ore: (12.5) the overall stability of iron ore market [domestic ore] Tangshan 66% iron concentrate dry basis tax included 1010 yuan/ton, Benxi% acid iron concentrate dry basis tax included 900 yuan, Anshan 65% iron concentrate dry basis tax included 920 yuan/ton; The purchase price of some steel mills continued to decline. [imported ore] Fangchenggang 63.5% Indian fine ore reported in yuan, 63.5% Brazilian coarse powder reported in yuan including tax, and 63.5% Indian powder reported in US dollars; 58/57% mainstream in USD; 61.5% of the quotation of Australian powder is in US dollars. Billet: (12.5) the billet market continued to rebound, with Tangshan pucarbon 150 * 150 billet 3080 yuan; Low alloy billet 3200 yuan, up 30; Wuhan rose 20, Handan rose 30, Tianjin rose 30, and the rest rose. [forecast of spot market on December 6] recently, the domestic good news has been continuous, and the steel market is unwilling to be lonely. With the help of the six good signals of the Politburo meeting, businesses have strongly increased in the off-season, and terminal transactions have also taken action. It is expected that the overall steel price will rise by about 20 yuan today. Rebar: Shanghai secondary thread increased by 20 on the 6th, Ф The quotation of 3590 ~ 36 mm sand steel thread steel also has higher requirements for fixtures, 10 yuan; Guangzhou deformed steel bar may rise by 30 yuan, and Shaogang will quote 3730~3770 yuan for the same specification; Changsha thread may rise by 20, and the quotation of Pinggang screw of the same specification is 3800 ~ 3820 yuan; Beijing thread or hold steady, Shougang thread quote 3470 ~ 3480 yuan. Wire: on the 6th, Shanghai Q235 wire rose by 10, and Haixin 6.5mm high-speed wire reported 3510 ~ 3520 yuan; Guangzhou wire rod may rise by 20, and Shaogang 3840 ~ 3860 yuan; Changsha wire or up 30, Pinggang reported 3690 ~ 3720 yuan; Beijing wire rod may rise by 20, and Shougang's price will be reported at 3380 ~ 3400 yuan. Medium and heavy plate: Shanghai medium plate may be stable on the 6th, and the quotation of 20mm medium and heavy plate of Masteel is 3780 ~ 3790 yuan; Guangzhou medium plate or weak, Liugang offers 3770 ~ 3790 yuan with the same specification; Changsha ordinary board may be stable, and the quotation of Xianggang is 3850 ~ 3860 yuan; Beijing Puzhong board or weak, Tiangang offers 3590 ~ 3600 yuan with the same specification. Hot coil: on the 6th, Shanghai hot coil or strong, Q235 5.5mm Shagang hot coil price was reported at 3930 ~ 3940 yuan; Guangzhou General coil or stable, Anshan Iron and steel with the same specification coil price of 3930 ~ 3940 yuan; Changsha ordinary coil may be stable, and the price of Lianyuan Steel hot coil is reported at 3970 ~ 3980 yuan; Beijing General coil is temporarily stable, and the price of Tanggang coil is reported at 3800 ~ 3810 yuan. Cold plate: on the 6th, Shanghai cold plate or stable, the price of 1.0mm cold plate was quoted by Angang at 4650 ~ 4660 yuan; The price of cold plate in Guangzhou may remain stable, and Angang Cold plate is reported at 4640 ~ 4650 yuan; Changsha cold plate or stable, Wuhan Iron and steel cold plate with the same specification is reported as 4510 ~ 4520 yuan; Beijing cold plate or strong, Angang reported 4670 ~ 4680 yuan

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