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Observation on the market trend of styrene in the morning on August 30

external market: affected by the decline of upstream pure benzene and crude oil prices, Asian styrene closed down $10/ton yesterday. Nevertheless, compared with the decline of $22.5/ton of Asian pure benzene, the decline of styrene still lags behind, mainly due to the strong Asian ethylene market and the strong demand for styrene. At present, the spot price of ethylene in Asia has reached a 16 year high of US $1465/ton in Northeast Asia. It can be said that in the current situation, the support force from pure benzene is gradually weakened, but the strength of ethylene in the other upstream is increasing, which is the main factor that will not cause a sharp decline in the Asian styrene market

domestic market: when the external market regained its downward trend, the domestic styrene market price was weak and fell slowly. The price of Zhangjiagang/Jiangyin in East China closed down 100 yuan/ton, and the transaction was 12325 yuan/ton

downstream: the demand for spot packaging goods of general polystyrene is low, and buyers exit to wait for the decline of crude oil. When the trade reaches the sand fixation destination, merchants and end users are unwilling to buy at this price, and the market is extremely cold. The downstream demand of the market is expected to be basically maintained. Under the situation that there is no significant increase in goods and the position level remains stable, the market will continue to maintain a slightly weak consolidation trend. The trend of the external market and oil price is still the guiding sign for the market mentality and the operation of traders. In view of the fact that the construction, survey, design, construction, supervision and other units and individuals involved will not be able to escape the evil, the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises is still strong, and the resources in the hands of traders have not been much, the mentality is still relatively calm, and they are cautious and optimistic about the future market. They believe that the subsequent market is mainly stable and slightly consolidated

observation and analysis: the crude oil and pure benzene markets have fallen sharply, but they are only squeezing the false high components in the early stage. It is expected that this decline will gradually slow down in the future. The support from the upstream of the styrene market still exists. In addition, the demand may have begun to show an increasing trend. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that styrene will regain its upward trend in the later stage and maintain a weak consolidation situation in the short term

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