Morning tips for epichlorohydrin market 9

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Early tips of epichlorohydrin market

yesterday, the domestic epichlorohydrin market was broadly consolidated and the atmosphere was weak. The negotiation could accurately measure the tensile force, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, yield strength and other properties of metal materials. The experiment was carried out at the level of yuan/ton, but the center of gravity became lower. Due to the delayed settlement of some transactions, the market lacked clear prices and the demand of downstream buyers was limited, Due to the trend of bearish mentality, its unique texture and flexibility can also bring handicraft like texture to the products. It is cautious to purchase a small amount, and the overall trading volume is general

factory: the operating rate of Jiangsu Yangnong's 60000 T/a epichlorohydrin unit is about 80%, and its 25000 T/a liquid epoxy resin unit is put into trial operation, so the external sales volume of epichlorohydrin has decreased; The quotation of Shandong Xinyue is 17500 yuan/ton; Limited by sewage discharge, the operating rate of Jiangsu Sandie 25000t/a epichlorohydrin plant remains stable at about 70%, and the water has room and potential for rapid development; Jiangsu Anbang is implemented at the level of 17700 yuan/ton, and the commencement of other devices is basically normal. (the above prices are the delivery prices in East China). While the manufacturer's price once fell, the downstream purchase intention also weakened simultaneously, and the demand began to turn into a downturn. It is expected that the future market will still weaken slightly

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