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On March 8, 2015, Xining hotel in Xining City, Qinghai Province was decorated with lanterns, flags, gongs and drums. The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival of the year of the sheep has not faded, Shandong Machinery Jinan testing machine factory microcomputer controlled cement pressure testing machine meets the requirements of GB/t17671 (1) 999 and iso0679 (1) 998. Agent Qinghai Dongbao Mechanization Engineering Co., Ltd. 1) high chemical stability of products. Here, the company launched the spring offensive of mountain machinery series products

the theme of this exhibition is "mountain machinery, spring thunder action". Mountain machinery also gives strong support to the agent. Mr. Liu Changquan, the manager of the company's business and marketing department, came to the exhibition, and Wang Xuefeng, the regional manager, also came to the scene to command and dispatch in advance. The operators sent by the company performed on-site performances of grader flying knife and other projects, and the agent's employees also showed on-site machines such as road roller and sem650b. The exhibition has more than 300 customers. The whole exhibition is divided into upper, middle and lower sessions, which are: explanation and publicity of products and accessories in the conference room - in which the agent general manager Yang's thoughtful and detailed on-site comparison and explanation of accessories has won great attention of leaders and customers attending the meeting; Off site visit to prototype and on-site demonstration; Party site booking and other activities

"Bao Jianfeng comes from honing, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold". Success is always left to those who are prepared. Dozens of machines have been successfully booked in this exhibition. Despite the impact of the economic environment, as the general manager of agent Yang Dongsheng said, "the more the market downturn, the more we should dare to shine our muscles!"

"we work together to give customers confidence". First of all, we need the confidence of our sales team and our agents, and we need to quickly transfer our firm confidence to customers! No spring breeze, rare autumn rain, spring flowers and autumn fruits, pay is always rewarded


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