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On August, the second batch of dealers' representatives' Symposium in 2014 was held in Guiyang. Xia Yuwu, general manager of mountain reconstruction machine, Wang Lufeng, Yu Yongkang and Cao Yongxin, deputy general managers, Liu Jiajun, assistant general manager and director of marketing department, Yu Tongwen, deputy general manager of Shanzhong financial leasing, and representatives of the second batch of more than 40 dealers attended the meeting. Han shanpeng, assistant director of marketing department, presided over the meeting

The general manager of

mountain reconstruction machine also provided various equipment information. Xia Yuwu delivered a speech

at the meeting, general manager Xia Yuwu delivered a speech. First of all, he introduced the purpose and significance of the meeting and welcomed the representatives of dealers attending the meeting. He pointed out that under the current industry situation, shanjianshe has encountered some difficulties, but relative to the difficulties, we have confidence in winning, because we have the support of Shandong heavy industry group. As a subsidiary of Shandong heavy industry group, shanjianshe's excavator business is one of the group's future strategies. The group has strong synergy advantages and will provide strong support for shanjianshe. Second, strengthen the interior of the mountain reconstruction machine. Mountain reconstruction opportunity continued to adhere to the working principle of "one main line, two centers, three priorities and four measures", continued to do a good job in various work, issued a series of measures, and established seven special teams to ensure maximum combat effectiveness in the current period. Finally, he put forward several requirements for dealers: first, improve the ability of sales, service and creditor's rights management; Second, actively carry out process reengineering and improve the construction of dealer risk management system; Third, promote comprehensive budget management; Fourth, strengthen the application of SMIS system; Fifth, adjust the business strategy to win the future

group discussion

Yu Yongkang, deputy general manager, introduced the specific ideas of marketing work in the second half of the year in detail. He analyzed the general environment of China's engineering market in the second half of the year, indicating that the construction machinery market will have great potential in the second half of the year. At the same time, it introduces in detail the key work of the marketing system in the second half of the year: first, strengthen communication and solve the existing problems. 2、 Reform the marketing system and improve marketing efficiency. 3、 Implement differentiated marketing and differentiated services. He promised that mountain reconstruction opportunities and dealers would benefit each other and develop together

Cao Yongxin, deputy general manager of

at the meeting, introduced the product quality improvement and new product R & D system. He pointed out that shanre reconstruction opportunity will strengthen the improvement and promotion of product quality, effectively improve product reliability and economy, and enhance the competitiveness of the company's products. Especially in terms of medium and heavy plates and structural parts, it will further improve and enhance benchmarking enterprises. In terms of R & D, re sort out the R & D process, create fist products and provide customers with higher quality equipment

focusing on solving the problem of redundant low-end products of advanced basic materials and decisive dependence on imports, Yu Tongwen, deputy general manager of Shanzhong financial leasing, elaborated on the main changes and business management in the second half of 2014 from the aspects of wide range of financing channels, policy support and risk control, and required all dealers to further strengthen their creditor's rights and risk management ability

Liu Jiajun, assistant general manager and head of marketing department, and Wei Xianghua, head of customer service department, briefly introduced and publicized the adjustment of marketing business policy, service, accessories and training enhancement plan in the second half of the year

after the meeting, representatives of all dealers witnessed the launch of the 2014 "heart to heart miles" user care visit activity of mountain reconstruction machine

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