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Mountain reconstruction machine in Africa: highly recognized by Zambian customers

mountain reconstruction machine in Africa: recognized by Zambian customers for high steel saving

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enter the courtyard of Zambia national service in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and you will see more than a dozen mountain reconstruction machine excavators neatly parked. The military green coating makes our excavators more powerful and domineering

although Zambia is a relatively backward country, there is no shortage of excavators of international first-line brands such as Carter and Komatsu in the construction machinery market. Due to the confusion of Chinese products in the African market, "made in China" has been synonymous with copy in their eyes

the Zambian military's method of cleaning the machine: first, check whether the high-pressure oil circuit system can leak oil, and the quality of the oil leakage device is even more critical. They have high requirements for the performance and quality of the machine. But after they received our machine and tested it, they gave us a thumbs up and said, "China good", which changed their previous view of made in China. Through this cooperation with our mountain reconstruction machine, I think they will trust Chinese products more and more

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