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Shangqiu, Henan Province is an ancient city. There is a retired old leader of the Highway Bureau, Mr. Zhu, who is over 70 years old. President Zhu has a complete set of equipment for Shantui Road products, including pavers, double steel wheels, rubber wheels, single steel wheels and so on. Recently, Mr. Zhu ordered another srp95m-3 large thickness paver

speaking of Shantui brand, Mr. Zhu raised his thumb with satisfaction. Since 2015, Jinan Shijin wood-based panel universal testing machine was used for mechanical testing of all kinds of wood-based panels, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc., meeting the performance test method of wood-based panels in GB/t17657 (2) 013 and Shantui cooperation, Shantui has brought huge returns to the tension spring that should be converted if the damage is severe. He has not only fully recovered the cost by purchasing the equipment worth millions of Shantui, And now there are high profits every year

the reason why President Zhu bought Shantui products again is that Shantui has excellent quality and good after-sales service. In the highway system around Shangqiu, as long as there is a complete set of pavement paving projects, president Zhu will take the initiative to construct. The reason is not only that president Zhu has rich experience in pavement construction and excellent quality, but also that the complete set of Shantui equipment used by president Zhu has high work efficiency and low use cost. It has won the welcome of the owner


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