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Mountain reconstruction machine held the launching ceremony of cultural brand strategic project

mountain reconstruction machine held the launching ceremony of cultural brand strategic project

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on the morning of October 23, mountain reconstruction machine held the launching ceremony of cultural brand strategic project in conference room 101. Lun Xueting, chairman of the board of directors, Chen Songdong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Zhu Qing and Cao Yongxin, deputy general managers, Wang Sirong, chief financial officer and other company leaders, all management cadres and team leaders of the company attended the meeting. Chen Songdong presided over the meeting

at the meeting, Chen Songdong first introduced the purpose and significance of the cultural brand strategy project. He pointed out that with the development of the company and the continuous emergence of new situations and challenges, the previous enterprise culture should be smaller, which has not met the requirements of enterprise development. If the corporate culture is to better play the role of cohesion, it is urgent to keep pace with the times. At the same time, for a long time, we have not paid enough attention to the brand, the brand construction is relatively extensive and vague, the market promotion is not enough, and the brand popularity, reputation and recognition are not high. Facing the current new situation, the company decided to comprehensively and systematically refine the culture and brand, and hire an external professional company to carry out systematic integration for months

then, Ning Lixin, general manager of Nanfang strategy company, made a report entitled "building a legendary cause together with mountain reconstruction machine". Firstly, he introduced the expert team participating in the cultural brand strategy project of mountain reconstruction machine, and introduced the implementation methods of the project. He explained the project background of the project, and listed the program results to be launched in each project stage, as well as the contents that need the cooperation and support of various departments

At the meeting, Lun Xueting made a speech. He said that the purpose of holding the launching ceremony of the cultural brand strategy project here today is to unify ideas and values, reshape the enterprise spirit and strengthen the combat effectiveness of the mountain reconstruction aircraft. This project is a major measure for shanre construction machinery to implement the cultural brand strategic planning. It involves a wide range, tight time and heavy tasks. It needs the strong support and active cooperation of management cadres and employees. The data and information provided should be comprehensive, true and complete, and the suggestions put forward should be scientific, reasonable and feasible to ensure the effective and smooth progress of the project. He believes that with the efforts of the project team and the participation and support of all management cadres and employees of the company, the brand strategy project of mountain reconstruction machine culture will be able to land, take root, blossom, play the role of decoration and beauty, and bear fruitful fruits

At the end of the meeting, Chen Songdong put forward five specific requirements: first, full support and full participation. This project is not only the work of the project team, but also the work of all employees of the company. We should devote our energy to ensure the work, find out the real situation and diagnose the real problems. 2、 Take it seriously. All employees within the company should take it seriously, and all dealers and offices should actively cooperate with each other during external research. 3、 Ensure time. We should ensure that all work is completed on schedule, efficiently and with high quality. 4、 The project team ensures independent thinking and creativity. 5、 Ensure that there are bright spots to achieve the full recognition of the company and the market. Achieve internalization in the heart and externalization in the line, and increase the popularity and reputation of the enterprise

at the meeting, members of the cultural brand strategy project team also took an oath to show their determination to work

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