Komax's automated assembly line

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Komax's automated assembly line

headquartered in Geberit, a century old factory in Rapperswil JONA, St Gallen, Switzerland, mainly produces sanitary and cleaning products. Most of its products are wall mounted, embedded in the wall or buried under the floor, so the end users can't see these cleaning products. For the products that users can see, Geberit company can not only meet the needs of users, but also clean them in accordance with the standard requirements, so it leaves a good impression on users and its products are very popular

Geberit always leads the new trend of sanitary cleaning system with its excellent design. Geberit's products need 5 flowers and 8 doors, which can be seen everywhere in new houses, house decoration and modernization. His success is attributed not only to its extremely high production capacity, but also to its comprehensive consideration of the needs of different user groups. To meet the different needs of users, there is bound to be the problem of product diversification, which requires the company to adopt scientific methods to organize and complete production, that is, to produce products economically and quickly in different production bases. Now Geberit mainly produces products in JONA City, Switzerland and three other production bases in Europe

Figure 1 two belt conveyors transport the fixed frame and fastening wedge to the pre assembly station

the tooling design department headed by Mr. Erwin feusi of Geberit company mainly undertakes the design work, such as the pre assembly of the fixed device in the flushing control mechanism of the new toilet water tank and the improvement and optimization of the original design. In the design assignment they receive, they usually make such provisions for important design tasks: take the product as the leading role and use the existing automation equipment to realize its functions. Specifically, it is about 237mm × 154mm × Fixed components with different shapes and colors are designed on 20mm plastic blocks

domino standard module

in the product production equipment, the fixed frame and other important fastening assemblies are transported to the machine tool equipment through two parallel conveyor belts (see Figure 1). On the assembly station, the three-dimensional loading and unloading manipulator picks up the fixed frame and puts it on the clockwise rotating rotary workbench fixture. Matching this beat, the manipulator will also pick up two fastening wedges from the conveyor belt and place them in a suitable position of the fixed frame, so that the whole connection operation can be completed by using typical fasteners such as fastening screws or springs at the next assembly station (see Fig. 2)

Figure 2 the manipulator picked up the pre positioned fastening wedge and installed it into the fixed frame of the rotary table

in the operation of placing the fastening wedge, engineers found a new solution, namely domino building block system. On the one hand, the system can easily adjust the equipment according to different types of products to complete the matching and adjustment work; On the other hand, it can be installed simply and conveniently to ensure high reliability in tight three shift production

the domino building block system provided by Komax to Geberit includes linear motion module, rotary motion module, manipulator fingers, connecting components and assembly components. This is an ideal choice for single axis and multi axis systems dominated by production tasks to save time and cost

in the domino building block system, according to the uniform fixed interval size, the centering ring and reducing sleeve can be used to connect the modules together simply and quickly without the time-consuming and laborious bolt positioning and fixed connection of the connecting plate. Through the guide rail, terminal switch, drive and control cable tray integrated in the basic profile, it can be refitted into coordinate and gantry equipment on site without paying additional cost. Precise basic profiles, high-precision processing, simple buffer adjustment and reliable sensors ensure the high positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy of pneumatic and electronic controlled coordinate motion. The accuracy of different types of systems is ± 0.01 ~ ± 0.03mm

realize technical transformation by using modular system

with the help of building block system, pneumatic and electronically controlled guide rails can be installed on the same profile support at the same time, and can coordinate movement. In addition, an electronically controlled drive system can be installed in the pneumatic system, or a pneumatic system can be installed in the electronically controlled system

because the control and motion components integrated in the basic profile have high rigidity and working stability, domino system can easily form a single axis or multi axis motion system, and save space and site like the assembly system of fixed plate. In the gantry structure system with reliable performance provided by Geberit company, lm8 pneumatic module is used for y-axis, with a moving distance of 510mm, which is connected by two different supports. The z-axis of the system is also a pneumatic driven lm6 linear module with a lift of 50mm. There is a rotary module in its end face, which can connect the manipulator with the wedge iron through the connecting plate

since the fastening wedge iron is installed in the fixed plate in a positive and negative way, this size is about 50mm × 10 mm × The installation process of 14mm plastic wedge is also different. The fastening wedge iron reaches the working range of the loading and unloading manipulator when there is no corrosive medium around on the conveyor belt. After pre positioning, it is picked up by the manipulator, rotated 180, placed in the fixing plate and horizontally pushed into the adjustment groove

Fig. 3 CAD data can be used to quickly "Install" various parts of the system to meet the needs of production tasks

the second wedge can omit the rotation movement in the above process, be picked up by another set of parallel fingers of the manipulator, put it into the installation position of the wedge, and then push it in and wedge it tightly. The modular domino system has fully demonstrated its advantages from the finger of the manipulator: the installation and replacement of the finger is very simple, which can be well matched with the fixed frames of different forms and structures, and can easily realize the bolt connection and fixation instead of the wedge iron fixation

after pre assembly, another set of conveyor will hand over the fixed frame to the next station, which also plays the role of intermediate buffer warehouse and the connecting link between final assembly and pre assembly

trouble free three shift operation

gantry pre assembly equipment has been put into operation in November 2007. Three shift production has been started, and the pre assembly of wedge iron is carried out in a period of 3.5s, which has become a powerful guarantee for the timely assembly and supply of toilet water tank flushing (water gate) control mechanism

Mr. Erwin feusi said: "through the cooperation with Komax, we have saved a lot of time. From information exchange to supply, our contact is very time-saving and efficient." Because Geberit's engineers can make good use of the CAD data of domino pre assembly mechanism, they can use the existing equipment to realize their vision in the shortest time (see Figure 3). After the definition and numbering are completed, Komax can offer the accurate price and provide the parts that meet the assembly requirements on time after ordering. Due to the friendly installation performance of domino system, Mr. Erwin feusi's team completed all the final assembly tasks in two days

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