Kodak VIP dinner of all India exhibition was held

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Kodak VIP dinner of all print exhibition was grandly held at Ruijin hotel in Shanghai on the evening of June 13, 2006, after the China Printing forum, Kodak's "sharing success with customers - New all print shows colorful Xintiandi" conference was grandly held at Ruijin hotel in Shanghai. Ruijin hotel is a very elegant and quiet place that can show the cultural heritage of greater Shanghai

this conference is the first appearance of Mr. Shen Haixiang's new team after joining Kodak, and it is also the first official release of Kodak graphic image group after integrating six product businesses

on the one hand, this activity is to thank Kodak's old customers for their long-term love for Kodak, but also to pave the way for opening up new markets. An important agenda of this meeting is that Kodak has reached a strategic partnership with Zhonghua business, including copper foil, electrolytic solvent, cobalt salt and other lithium battery raw materials. It is noted that the price rise is obvious

information source: Bisheng

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