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What is the best way to transform houses into Feng Shui

key words: house geomantic omen geomantic omen transformation home geomantic omen it is not easy to have a good life. It is inevitable that some small troubles will come to you. At this time, the power of turning good luck into bad luck is particularly important. Let's take a look. Do you have the magic power of turning good luck into bad luck in the second half of the year

the wonderful method of "turning bad luck into good luck" of the compass has been made public

1. In case of shock or poor configuration inside or outside the house, if the house gets along in a very bad situation and is not allowed to move due to conditions, the compass can be used to change the bad look of the house and turn it into good luck

2. Compass changes the method of house transportation

a. unlimited volume

b. the compass must be turned on correctly

c. choose a good day and place it in the living room. It is not limited to the front door

d. if someone in the family dies, do not place a compass, so that the soul will not dare to go home. (one year) after the year, you can place a compass

e. the method of flourishing wealth is to place the compass in the wealth position of the living room. Its effect is effective

f. if you want to put it in a public incense burner on the ground, you should buy a compass with small volume and add incense burner ash. If you want to place it under the statue, buy a larger compass

g. the land belongs to the land God. The small compass is put in the incense burner. The compass should be adjusted to point north in front and guide in the rear. The God image belongs to the God of heaven. The compass below should be adjusted to the guide in front and the north in the rear

h. placing a compass in the car can also make driving safe

i. if children are frightened and cry in the middle of the night, place the compass on the lintel to dissolve the unclean things

3. When the compass comes, it can stop the evil; Second, it can replace the house transportation (to make money), which is called killing two birds with one stone




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