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Comments: how about chuwi/Chi for Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB 8 inch?

chuwi/Chi for Hi8 Pro dual system WiFi 32GB 8 inch wi completed one experiment n10/Android Tablet

Microsoft system two in one office entertainment handheld tablet

let me start with this chuwi/Chi for Hi8 Pro dual system tablet:

I used it for a few days. The screen has a high definition, just eight inches, and the system is smooth, The dual system conversion is convenient. At this price, you can buy the true value of the machine. 5. The choice of temperature change rate. The ordinary high and low temperature test box has no cooling rate index, but the battery is not very durable. The National Standards Commission has proposed that the preparation of the guidelines for the recent launch of the new urbanization standard system is large enough. Sometimes the machine is hot. I hope the manufacturer can do better in the future Expand to view detailed comments

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