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How about Huawei glory magicbook Pro Intel i5/i7+8g+512g glacier silver? Which

Huawei glory magicbook Pro Intel i5/i7+8g+512g glacial silver is a new notebook in 2019. It is recommended by the great God of notebooks. A later owner also planted this Huawei glory magicbook Pro glacial silver, sharing the real evaluation experience of using it for a period of time, for the later friends to choose and reference

I. Evaluation of real experience:

glory magicbook Pro has i5 and i7 versions, which are highly demanded. I recommend i7. I use it for office work, general lol and chicken eating games. I started this i5. At the first sight of arrival, I felt that it had a good silver texture. It started about 5S after startup, and Lu gave a good score of more than 22W. The screen was very large and clear, the CAD drawing was good, the speed was very fast, and the heat dissipation was good. I watched videos in the air conditioning room, Open the office software, open multiple pages, and the fans rarely start. What a surprise! Quite satisfied overall Turn to more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages for future friends who need to choose low-carbon to achieve sustainable development

II. Price and sales of glory magicbook Pro:

[JD] glory magicbook Pro 16 It also makes the sample slip during the experiment process. The 1-inch full screen lightweight performance notebook computer (core i5 8g 512g mx250 IPS undoubtedly FHD fingerprint unlock) ice silver


JD price: ¥ 5499.00

snap up link:

III. summary of advantages and disadvantages of Huawei glory magicbook Pro:

advantages: the screen design is particularly good. Extremely satisfied with the appearance

disadvantages: the configuration can meet the needs of general games, office work, drawing, learning and entertainment. For large-scale games and 3D rendering high picture software, it is recommended that the high-level notebook be better JD check more popular model recommendations

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