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How about Lenovo P680 computer host? Evaluate Lenovo Yangtian P680 computer configuration

Lenovo P680 9th generation Intel Core high-performance creative design desktop computer host is recommended by the evaluation. A certain East planted this host and used it for a while. I shared my experience: the most satisfied host is so small. Smaller than A4 paper. The appearance of this model is very slim and cute. It weighs only 5kg and can be placed horizontally or vertically on the table. The configuration is also quite mainstream, I processor, 8g memory and 2G independent graphics card. The disadvantage is that there is no CD-ROM drive in the standard configuration. Business office, the first choice of space saving computer. There is no one of the most fluent mainframe used in office. It is really too powerful. The capacity of the hard disk is large enough to store more than n HD movies + data + photos + music. There is no need to worry about the insufficient capacity of the hard disk. It is generally satisfactory under the action of increasing load

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I. Lenovo P680 JD event price:

Lenovo P680 9th generation Intel Core i7 high performance creative design desktop computer host (I 8g 1t+256g gtx1660ti four-year visit), [price guarantee 11.11] high performance gtx1660ti E-sports graphics card, which supports hard disk hot plug function, meets the design office, and has fun playing E-sports for four years, Worry free after sales! Poke me [Lenovo raises the sky 3. test new things 5 fold] second bargain: ¥ 6999.00 activity link:

II. Lenovo P680 configuration parameters:

this is a happy shopping. I was afraid of bumping when I bought it. I opened the packaging but found that the packaging effect is very good. I have always trusted Lenovo for the brand of the computer. It is as good as ever. When I opened it, the page was win10, Very clean and simple. I bought two computers at one time. I hope Lenovo will continue to do well

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