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Pirci: the quality management system conforms to DIN EN ISO 9001

1994. Pilz GmbH Co. kg is one of the first German enterprises waiting for certification in the field of industrial electronics. Pierremagnetic has always strictly followed the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard to ensure that customers with one structural response spectrum specified in ③ will spare no effort to supply fault free high-quality products at each product development stage

pirci regards internal and external audit as a challenge for continuous improvement in all areas. Pirci regards it as a part of the corporate culture and is committed to protecting the interests of customers, suppliers, employees and society

pierremagnetic quality management system conforms to DIN EN ISO 9001

din EN ISO 9001 certificate

the tested and continuously monitored production base

t V-s D has certified the products produced by pierremagnetic manufacturing base and the processing equipment and methods used in manufacturing, proving that they are suitable for the production of high-quality electronic products

in order to obtain the official certification, it must be proved to them under strict technical and organizational conditions that the construction and management mode of pirci manufacturing base can ensure the consistent quality of the manufacturing process and the product itself. The authorization for the use of T V s d safety signs must meet strict conditions and be regularly inspected and supervised by T V certification bodies. At present, pierremagnet's production institutions all over the country have successfully obtained the institutional certification and certificate, including:

l osterfeldon factory

l bettersydorf factory

l dunkendorf factory

l China Jintan factory (the first factory in Asia)

the total floor area of production, office and storage of China Jintan factory is more than 9000 m rib steel and other bars by pressing the "reset" button; Universal tensile testing machine, round sample jaw 26 (4) 0mm1 pair, suitable for tensile testing of round steel, ribbed steel and other bars with a diameter of 26 (4) 0mm; 2. It is the first production base established by pierremagnet group in Asia. In the construction of the plant, pirci applied the latest knowledge in production technology, environmental protection and energy efficiency

some products of PNOZ safety relays put into the Chinese market have been manufactured in Jintan, and their quality standards, processes, processes, equipment and machinery are the same as those of European production bases

for pirci, the leading position in technology is not the only public goal of the company in the field of safety automation technology. Pirci also meets the highest quality and environmental requirements

as a security ambassador from Germany, pirci is a reliable partner for customers

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