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National Semiconductor, headquartered in California, USA, is a globally recognized leader in analog technology and one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers. The company focuses on analog components and subsystems, including power management circuits, display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers, communication interface products and data conversion solutions. Its main markets include wireless headphones Displays and a wide range of electronic markets, such as medical, automotive, industrial testing and measurement applications. In 2008, the number of employees of the company remained at about 7000, and the turnover of the fiscal year reached US $1.89 billion

the design centers of national semiconductor are mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe and Hangzhou, China (jointly established with Zhejiang University), while the wafer factories are located in Texas, Maine and Scotland, and the chip testing and assembly plants are located in Malaysia, Singapore and China. These six factories together form the central Technology & Manufacturing Group (ctmg)

like many other semiconductor companies, national semiconductor is also facing great pressure from intensified market competition and continuous demand for cost reduction. Since 2000, the company has introduced the continuous improvement activities of Six Sigma. Two years later, although there was some improvement in the work, the senior leaders of the technology manufacturing group center were still dissatisfied with this. There are at least three reasons: first, each factory has its own six sigma activities and lacks unified management; Second, there are no follow-up tracking and effective measurement measures for many core business processes, resulting in serious waste; It is necessary to prove the value of Six Sigma in the company to the board of directors as soon as possible, so as to retain the existing six sigma organizational structure and full-time personnel to manage the Six Sigma project, and carry out new activities in due course

after careful consideration and repeated comparison, the senior leaders of the technology manufacturing group center have made a series of major initiatives, including re hiring a new consulting company and uniformly using the advanced six sigma analysis tool JMP

this time, the senior leaders of the technical manufacturing group center are more seriously involved in the Six Sigma reform work than before. With the assistance of senior consultants with industry experience, they reorganized the Six Sigma Leadership Team, planned the macro path map for the implementation of Six Sigma in many factories, and regularly conducted personnel training (including the training of management advocates and DMAIC training of technical personnel), project guidance support and progress status update

first of all, let all trainees, especially the employees above the manager, realize that there are too many variations in the company's core production process, and it is urgent to use a group of Six Sigma objectives to improve the process capability of the existing process. Next, brainstorm, collect all the questions and rank them by importance. Then, slowly turn these problems into six sigma projects, and confirm that once these projects are successful, they will bring the fastest and considerable economic benefits to the company. In fact, these projects mainly focus on process optimization, productivity improvement, equipment utilization improvement, product reliability enhancement and cost control. The purpose of all projects is to reduce defects and improve the yield of the entire technical manufacturing group center

in addition to the enthusiastic investment of senior leaders and the careful selection of projects, the selection and application of tools are also crucial. The advanced six sigma software JMP mentioned above helps each business unit of national semiconductor identify the sensitive factors affecting the performance of different products and the root causes of low production efficiency during the actual implementation of Six Sigma. Moreover, JMP software provides a unified software platform for all six Sigma practitioners in the company, which can meet the continuously developing and changing application needs of employees in various departments in the same organization, including working cooperatively with the same analysis tool on different operating system platforms (windows, Linux, Macintosh)

national semiconductor is most impressed by the experimental design (DOE) and JMP script language JSL in JMP software

with the help of JMP, the Six Sigma personnel of national semiconductor can flexibly "Customize" feasible test schemes according to the types of problems to be solved and the actual situation, rather than abstracting and adjusting the problems to be solved to adapt to the scheme provided by the software like other tools. After the successful application of JMP's unique DOE function, national semiconductor has made a breakthrough in production and operation. These advances are reflected in capacity, speed and equipment utilization respectively. At the same time, the qualified rate of finished products is also rising steadily. Doe test helps the company save a lot of money, reduce the variation of process and prolong the service life of equipment

programs written with JSL are also very useful. Especially in the improvement and control phase of Six Sigma, it can help standardize the analysis steps and automatically generate analysis reports. Moreover, these programs greatly reduce the workload of analysts, and can also help novices easily and consistently perform analysis tasks in accordance with astmd3029 (4) and iso3127 (0) according to user requirements

no wonder Michael Haslam, a black belt master in national semiconductor, said with emotion: "The semiconductor industry has an industry background of constantly generating data, but we often lose our way in the face of massive data. This is where JMP software can play a role. What I am most satisfied with is that JMP can always help me find opportunities for improvement. Its ability to analyze data is the best. It enables us to break through obstacles in the Six Sigma project and improve the qualified rate of finished products."

in this regard, mark Seay, the quality director of national semiconductor, said: "we used several different statistical software to analyze a group of the same data, and finally found that JMP's analysis function is significantly better than other software, providing us with the most perfect solution. Now all our factories are using JMP software, which is very conducive to our implementation, both in terms of ease of use and technology."

Tom Little, President of

consulting company, also agreed. He said: "the ease of use and analysis function of JMP software make it an ideal analysis engine in the process of implementing Six Sigma. While accelerating the overall implementation of Six Sigma, JMP simplifies and standardizes many steps in six sigma data analysis."

after the completion of a round of projects (52 in total), national semiconductor has not only cultivated 16 black belts and 62 green belts, but also saved at least millions of dollars for the manufacturing sector. If other achievements that are more difficult to quantify than the establishment of macro-control and market regulation mechanisms are included, the economic value is estimated to reach tens of millions of dollars. At the same time, the improvement of this internal process has also been felt by the customers of national semiconductor. In the current fierce semiconductor market competition, the customer satisfaction of national semiconductor is outstanding in terms of product performance, after-sales service and timely delivery rate

looking forward to the future, the senior leaders of the technology manufacturing group center have strengthened the company's confidence to continue on the road of Six Sigma. A total of 56 projects have been basically determined 15 minutes after the new shutdown. In addition to the traditional manufacturing process optimization and product quality improvement, Six Sigma projects of service process and product design have also been added. Of course, JMP software will continue to accompany the national semiconductor to obtain new progress every step. (end)


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