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Eliminating potential safety hazards Tengzhou carried out renovation of street lamp facilities

Dazhong · poster Zaozhuang, April 1 (Wu Tianying) on March 30, in order to eliminate potential safety hazards, Tengzhou Municipal Services 1. First, check whether the host is installed with vertical center street lamps. The management personnel renovated the inclined street lamp poles on Yikang Avenue. At present, more than 130 inclined light poles have been renovated in Beixin Road, Yikang Avenue and Tengfei road

it is understood that due to the long installation time of some street lamp facilities in the urban area of Tengzhou City, the backfill soil settlement has caused some street lamp poles to tilt. In order to eliminate this potential safety hazard and ensure the safety of people's travel, Tengzhou Municipal Engineering Management Service Center has formulated a detailed remediation plan according to the hidden dangers of street lamps found by inspectors. The leaning street lamp poles in the urban area have been remedied one by one from heavy to light. The maintenance personnel have taken measures to correct the inclination of lamp poles by adding gaskets to the loose nuts on the base of lamp poles and excavating and burying cement around the lamp pole foundation, To ensure that the rectification is effective

at present, the street lamp maintenance personnel have renovated more than 130 inclined lamp poles on Beixin Road, Yikang Avenue and Tengfei road. Next, the maintenance personnel will renovate the inclined lamp poles on Jiefang Road and shanguo road. At the same time, Tengzhou municipal facilities management personnel will strengthen the inspection of street lamp facilities, and timely repair and dispose of street lamp facilities with hidden dangers, so as to ensure the travel safety of citizens

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