Six standards of lucky group are listed in the fir

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Six standards of lucky group have been listed in the first batch of national standards plan of the year. The national standards management committee recently released the first batch of national standards preparation and revision plan of 2012. Lucky group has a total of six standard projects

among the six standards, three are related to optical functional film materials, namely, the cetane absorption method for measuring the porosity of functional films drafted by the Research Institute, the method for measuring the thickness of hardened layers of optical functional films, and the terms and definitions of optical functional films drafted by Hefei Lekai. Three are related to photosensitive materials, namely, the measurement of dimensional changes of image material films and photographic papers drafted by the joint stock company The industrial X-ray film system classification standard test method drafted by the black and white factory and the determination of boron in photographic processing waste liquid drafted by the public utilities department

the technical promotion department of lucky group, as the centralized management department of the company's technical standards, has changed the "plastic restriction order" into the "plastic purchase order" management department, and has assigned relevant drafting units to carry out relevant standard formulation in accordance with the national standard formulation procedures and progress requirements

statement: USD 0.020/t higher than yesterday (15180000 tons); Ocean freight from Western Australia to China is $7.550/ton


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