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Made in China with excellent Six Sigma quality management

since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the media all over the world have focused on the global economic chain reaction brought about by the U.S. financial tsunami. It seems that they have no time to take into account the melamine incident and the food safety problems in China caused by it. In fact, many countries in Europe, North America and Asia have temporarily banned the import of any dairy products from China. Lenovo has recalled that products made in China have been frequently ordered to recall by importing countries, and the quality problem has become one of the biggest obstacles for made in China to go global

now the global economy is beginning to decline. As a global manufacturing factory, China's manufacturing industry bears the brunt. The previous demonization of the quality problems of Chinese manufactured products has put the manufacturing industry at risk. The quality problems have even affected the survival of enterprises: a large number of export-oriented enterprises have closed down one after another. Under the favorable economic situation, enterprises with expanded scale and output began to reduce production and put more attention on production quality in an attempt to further control costs in terms of quality

quality problems cannot be eliminated

after the actual experiment, it is impossible to completely eliminate product production quality problems in manufacturing enterprises. The inspection of product quality adopts the form of random sampling. According to the statistical law, the whole batch of products can be regarded as qualified by judging whether the probability of sampling defective products is within the specified range. This detection method is supported by theory: in statistics, the standard deviation is used for continuously quantifiable quality characteristics σ (sigma) to indicate the dispersion of data relative to the average. "Sigma level" links and compares the average value and standard deviation of process output with the target value and specification limit required by customers. Here, the target value refers to the ideal value required by the customer; Specification limit refers to the fluctuation range of quality characteristics allowed by customers. Assuming that the process output quality characteristics obey the normal distribution, and the distribution center of the process output quality characteristics coincides with the target value, then σ The smaller the value, the closer the distribution of process output quality characteristics is to the target value. At the same time, the smaller the probability of the characteristics falling outside the specification limit and the smaller the possibility of defects

when measuring quality characteristics by defect rate, use "s" to measure defect rate. 6S quality indicates that the defect rate of quality characteristics is only 3.4PPM. (ppm onemillionth), the relationship between sigma level and defect rate is shown in Figure 1 and table 1

Figure 1 6S quality and 3S quality (defect rate)

Table 1 Relationship between sigma level and defect rate

sigma level CPK defect rate 20 503.4

according to the Six Sigma theory, most enterprises σ~ four σ Inter operation, that is to say, the number of operational errors per million times is between 6210 and 66800. These defects require operators to make up or correct afterwards with 15% ~ 30% of sales. And if you do 6 σ, After the event, the fund for making up will be reduced to about 5% of the sales. It can be said that the successful implementation of Six Sigma is equivalent to excellent quality management. Since it was first developed by Motorola in 1987 as a key business strategy to fully meet the needs of customers, the Six Sigma method has been adopted by many multinational enterprises such as Dell, HP, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, etc. and has achieved excellent results. Especially in the application of general motors, it has become one of the three general motors strategies that keep pace with product services and globalization. 1 It has become an important development strategy for world famous enterprises to check whether the power supply of the tensile testing machine is powered on before on-line. With the successful application of world-famous manufacturing enterprises, the Six Sigma method is undoubtedly an important accelerator for Chinese manufacturing to become excellent. Haier, Gree, Chery and other industry leaders of Chinese manufacturing enterprises have strictly controlled quality related business processes, but Chinese enterprises are still in the early stage of development to improve quality through the implementation of Six Sigma

Six Sigma method is emerging in China.

Sany Heavy Industry is one of the enterprises that realize quality management through statistical tools at this stage. Sany started to adopt six sigma quality management in order to keep up with the world's heavy equipment enterprises and join the ranks of international competition. Through the consulting service of SBTI and the repeated comparison of statistical software on the market, Sany finally chose JMP. JMP helped Sany analyze the role of various factors affecting the quality of construction machinery products and make improvements. Liangwengen, chairman of Sany group, once destroyed a newly produced pump truck and a trailer pump in the presence of thousands of employees, and this will never happen again. Solving quality problems is not only the pass for Sany to go global, but also gradually becomes the culture of all subsidiaries of Sany group

the strict requirements of enterprises on the quality of their own products are conducive to the improvement of the influence and popularity of enterprises. In another sense, it also promotes the improvement of the quality of the whole industrial chain. Microsoft once purchased Six Sigma quality management software JMP for two Xbox suppliers, because Microsoft requires the supplier's products to provide data in JMP software format during inspection, so as to ensure that Xbox customers get the best quality products in a statistical sense. Whether it is independent R & D and production or OEM, when Chinese manufacturing enterprises have more stringent requirements on quality, its positive impact on the improvement of market share and customer return rate, the reduction of repair rate and cost in a small way, and the promotion of China's entire industrial upgrading in a large way. In these aspects, Sany, Haier and Chery, as representatives of their respective industries, have made a good start

the core of the Six Sigma quality management method is to use the statistical analysis method to analyze the data to find the basis for decision-making, so as to promote the implementation of quality improvement and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Six Sigma quality management is not only widely used in the production process, but also in the R & D process. Taking the pharmaceutical industry as an example, because the quality of drugs is more relevant to drug research and development than traditional manufacturing industries, stability is crucial to the effect of drug efficacy in the process of drug research and development. It is a common practice for global pharmaceutical companies to find and analyze the possible factors that affect the efficacy through statistical methods, so as to improve the process stability and process capability of drug R & D and production

in addition to manufacturing enterprises' application of Six Sigma quality management in product design, R & D, process, production and other links, the quality requirements of service industries such as banking and finance are also areas in which six sigma quality management can be greatly developed

implementation and standards

Six Sigma is a concept, and it is also a method to improve quality, reduce cost and achieve performance breakthrough. As an imported product, Six Sigma has just entered the development stage in China after several years of application. It is understood that SMIC, national semiconductor, ZTE, Maanshan Iron and steel, Roche pharmaceutical, etc. all choose to use Six Sigma quality management to improve quality. Yanxuelin, general manager of JMP Greater China, revealed that Chinese enterprises have a strong demand for six sigma quality relationship. Since its establishment in China in 2006, the excellent performance of JMP with an average annual growth rate of 150% and 100% growth of customers is the best proof, and this development momentum will continue. However, in the process of contacting customers, yanxuelin, general manager of JMP China, also saw some problems in the application process of Chinese enterprises

for example, there are many factors that cause unqualified products. Some customers have implemented six sigma, but still have quality problems. Theoretically, the Six Sigma implementation process is strictly followed, that is, from defining (determining the improvement objectives and progress), to measuring (understanding the existing quality level), analyzing (using statistical tools to find a few key factors affecting quality), improving (establishing the best improvement scheme), and controlling (maintaining the improvement results and monitoring the new process), The conclusion on the relationship between several key factors and quality is not wrong. "Even if there is excellent software, if it is not used seriously, it may not be used well." Yanxuelin expressed concern about this situation. This is a "universal truth", but the quality management software based on Six Sigma is a tool that "speaks" with numbers, which is particularly pertinent: the direct result of not well applied is the choice of key factors that interfere with the quality. For example, due to the deviation in the understanding of the data collected in the early stage, the judgment of the key factors affecting the quality is wrong, which may lead to errors in the final analysis results, and the process improved according to this result is not the best process. At this time, consultants with implementation experience are very critical to the success of the project. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with theout a professional quality control team, third-party management consulting is more important. However, those large-scale enterprises with strict quality control have professional quality control teams. The ease of learning and using Six Sigma quality management software can basically meet the needs. Friendly Six Sigma quality management software can make up for the lack of knowledge reserve in statistical analysis theory and reduce the threshold of use. JMP has done a good job in this regard. From jmp6 to jmp7, every updated version has made great efforts in ease of use. In addition, JMP software integrates a large number of graphical functions. "The quality of graphics, the diversity of graphics and the simplicity of using graphics to analyze data are leading in these three latitudes." Said yanxuelin

except that people are using the software, six sigma quality management software can do nothing about the standards adopted by product users. Some time ago, the melamine in eggs exported to Hong Kong exceeded the standard, because the standard content of melamine in Hong Kong was lower, and the products that passed the sampling inspection in Chinese Mainland had exceeded the standard when they arrived in Hong Kong. This has nothing to do with quality itself. More examples, such as the content standards of chemicals that may be harmful to human body contained in drugs. Now this situation has changed. As an independent business unit of SAS, the world's largest private statistical analysis software supplier, JMP has participated in the formulation of the standard. "In the United States, we work with government agencies involved in standard formulation to jointly formulate standards in many fields, such as food and drug production. A considerable part of our work is to provide professional methods (using JMP software) for standard makers Find a reasonable standard interval; However, these standards are not static. In order to ensure the continuous stability of the standard setting process, we will also cooperate with producers to ensure that the calculation formula of this process is not: it will limit the development of products, but help the design and quality of products. " Mr. Steve Adams, director of JMP international business, said, "at present, JMP China is trying to help the Ministry of health and the food and Drug Administration of China to promote standards and provide more professional methodologies in the process of formulating standards." When the standards are consistent, the problem that the product quality test results are different due to different standards can also be solved. What enterprises should do is to focus on improving product quality, which is the only way for Chinese manufacturing to become excellent

6 σ Quality management makes excellent manufacturing

after years of development, China's manufacturing industry has exposed more and more problems经常便秘是什么原因引起

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