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Eliminate backward production capacity: 4.19 billion meters of printing and dyeing have been completed, and 683000 tons of chemical fiber have been completed? Today, let's introduce in detail how to deal with the inaccurate measurement data of the lower tension testing machine. On the 5th, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the National Energy Administration jointly announced that the people's governments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) attach great importance to the elimination of backward production capacity, organized on-site inspection on the enterprises that eliminated backward production capacity in 2010, issued written acceptance opinions, and announced the decomposition and implementation of target tasks and the completion of target tasks. The elimination of backward production capacity means that the inter ministerial coordination group for reducing the number of parts, prices and supply chain efficiency has inspected and assessed the completion of the target tasks of each province (region, city)

according to the inspection and assessment, the national goal of eliminating backward production capacity in 2010 was fully exceeded. Among them, the printing and dyeing industry eliminated 4.19 billion meters of production capacity, and the chemical fiber industry eliminated 683000 tons of production capacity. Zhejiang, Henan and Shandong were the three provinces that eliminated the most backward printing and dyeing production capacity, eliminating 2.37 billion meters, 470million meters and 410million meters respectively. Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Sichuan are the three provinces that have eliminated the most backward chemical fiber production capacity, with 238000 tons, 165000 tons and 60000 tons eliminated respectively

although the backward production capacity of Xinxin bleaching and dyeing plant in Wenxian County, Henan Province has been shut down as required, it has not been completely dismantled as required due to the seizure by the court

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