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The third market seminar of China's color glass industry in 2019 was held in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. The damaged quality and corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by computers. China glass, Qibin group, Yaohua Group, Haisheng group, Jinjing group and other five domestic manufacturers of color glass gathered together to discuss the recent market situation of color glass, discuss the development plan of color glass, and jointly promote the stability of color glass market

in recent years, the colored glass market has seen a great decline. The volume and price of many products have fallen together. The inventory of colored glass in various enterprises is high. Some colored glass products are seriously inversely linked to the price of white glass, which has greatly affected the operating efficiency and cash flow income of various enterprises

since this year, China glass and Qibin group have hosted two color glass market seminars, but the market development situation has seriously exceeded the expectations at the beginning of the year. How to solve the current business problems and change the development dilemma of color glass is an important discussion at the third meeting. This time, sponsored by Jinjing group, the issue of breaking the situation is placed in front of every enterprise

after extensive communication, the meeting reached the following consensus:

go to non-standard products

the glass industry association will implement the replacement and decoupling work on July 5, and plans to launch the "go to non-standard" work in the whole industry on September 1. The industry conference will set up a supervision and inspection institution and use administrative force to start the "non-standard elimination" work. As "non-standard" involves safety pa6.6, energy conservation, quality standards and other related matters, the association will rely on the Bureau of quality and technical supervision and other departments to carry out work, and implement the government reporting system. It can be predicted that in the future, the "non-standard removal" work will be the same as the "environmental protection" and "safety" work, without any room for negotiation

this color glass meeting decided that all color glass enterprises will carry out the "non-standard" work in the field of building glass from July 1. Each enterprise will select a representative and establish a color glass supervision and inspection committee to regularly inspect the high-precision market in the city. Based on the product production label and certificate, it will implement a reporting system for "non-standard" products and regularly notify all enterprises and relevant government departments, Fundamentally solve the problem of "non-standard" products

it can be predicted that this "non-standard" work will reduce the production of each production line by at least 10%, greatly reduce the market oversupply, and jointly promote the stable increase of industry prices

production reduction and production change

on the basis that China glass has withdrawn two color lines and Jinjing group has withdrawn one color line, one color line in Changxing base of Qibin group will be changed from color glass to white glass in early July; At the same time, Liling Qibin switched to marine blue products, fundamentally solving the current problem of Ford blue glass overcapacity. According to this calculation, the original 18 color glass lines are expected to reduce production by 2400 tons, or 23%. Effectively solve the problem of oversupply of colored glass

Shahe limited production by 16%

in addition, according to the feedback of Hebei Haisheng, the current 16% limited production of Shahe is true. The government accredited enterprises and organized experts to inspect the feeding system four times a day. If the leader finds that there is no production restriction for the first time, he will be fined 2million yuan. If he violates the regulations again for the second time, he will stop production directly. In view of this, from the current point of view, it is a certainty to reduce the production capacity of six lines in Shahe region. The limited production of Shahe marine colored glass has also made a great contribution to the reduction of the production capacity of colored glass


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