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Replacement of the leader of pirci: it has been well planned and successfully promoted the intergenerational replacement of pirci, a German automation company: at the end of 2017, the chairman Renate Pilz will no longer be in charge of the company and formally hand over the company to his daughter Susanne kunschert and son thomas Pilz. Renate Pilz will continue to be responsible for the market business of not dampening electromechanical and electrical appliances during liquidation until the end of 2017, and her daughter Susanne kunschert will take over the relevant functions from 2018. In the future, my children will be fully responsible for the management of the company: they will be based on the company's values, follow our strategy, and lead the company to continue to develop in a reliable and credible way. Renate Pilz said

1975, when Peter Pilz, Ms. Renate Pilz's husband, died in an air crash, Ms. Renate Pilz joined the company and began to participate in the management of Pilz family business. At first, she only served on the pirci Advisory Committee in order to have more time to take care of her children. In 1994, Renate Pilz officially served as the managing partner and took full charge of the company. At present, she is still the chairman of the company and manages the company's business with her daughter Susanne kunschert and son thomas Pilz

in theory, this intergenerational change began when Susanne kunschert and Thomas Pilz joined the company. As for her son thomas Pilz, he started as CEO of the U.S. branch in 1996, while Susanne, daughter of Renate Pilz, joined kunschert in 2002 by regulating the internal pore structure of composite materials. They have been jointly responsible for the management of the company for 10 years. Through the joint efforts with employees and an excellent management team, pilci has continuously developed and expanded. Today pilci has become an innovative and independent family enterprise with safety as its core competitiveness, providing automation solutions for customers all over the world

Renate Pilz, born in 1940, is now over seventy years old. She has decided to step down as chairman of the board at the end of 2017 and hand over the company to her daughter and son. After that, they will take full charge of the company: they will continue to lead the development of the company in a reliable and credible way based on the company's values and in accordance with the company's strategy

renate Pilz will hand over the marketing business department to Susanne kunschert in 2018. The business unit includes customer support, marketing and communication, product management, overseas sales and other business segments. In addition, Susanne kunschert will continue to be in charge of finance, human resources, organizational development and innovation management. Thoma is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipes with annular cross-section. It meets the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards. S Pilz will continue to be in charge of information technology, procurement, sample trial production, product development, quality management, production, production technology and standards group

start from the details and consider the impact comprehensively

I am convinced that it is necessary to solve the problem of family business inheritance as soon as possible, and start from the details and consider the impact of all aspects. As parents, we should not persuade the next generation to do anything. It is up to the children to make an independent decision on whether they should join the parents' company. Training and experience are necessary, but they also need to be passionate about the company. At one point, I am grateful to the children because they have decided to take on the responsibility themselves. Because of this, pilci can still exist as a family business. Renate Pilz said

I can confidently hand over the enterprise to my children, because they have been in charge of their own fields for many years and performed well. In the eyes of employees, this is an important signal, and it will continue to be so in the future. As they can see, Susanne kunschert and Thomas Pilz took over to ensure the continuity of management. Transparency and clarity are important in these decisions

ensure continuity

about half a century ago, Peter Pilz clearly defined the company's mission: even today, half a century later, this statement is still full of meaning: we hope to build customers' trust in us with our own performance, and insist on only providing the highest quality products and services above the average level. Creative marketing cooperation comes from the application technology in reliable production, which will consolidate and continue to expand our customer base

this mission in the future will continue to guide us how to think and act. Renate Pilz added

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