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Six spirits and the development of metal packaging industry (II)

VI. on the issue of price coordination

the metal packaging industry has complex products and specifications. In recent years. Supply exceeds demand in the market, and there is price competition in various products to varying degrees. Among them, the crown cover is even more important, so that each cover can be sold at a small profit, or even lower than the cost price, so as to achieve the purpose of competing for the market

on September 14 last year, the metal industry committee took the lead in organizing a discussion among backbone enterprises with an annual output of more than 1billion crown caps in Shanghai. Everyone is a competitor in the market. At the symposium, we still take the overall situation into consideration and have stated our views. We hope that the association will come forward to coordinate and gradually achieve the goal of formulating rules and regulations to be bound, and then gradually achieve the goal of unifying prices. We will continue to work hard in this regard

VII. Participate in the revision and formulation of standards

standards for the metal container industry. Due to the large number of products and complex specifications, there are many standards; Some standard time is too long to adapt. According to the actual needs, we reported to the national competent department through the association. After the project was approved, we worked together with large enterprises and national testing institutions to draft, formulate and revise it, and tried every means to go to the National Bureau of standards for inquiry. We basically filled in the standards through various channels to meet the needs of enterprises

VIII. Change of the Committee

in the past, the metal Committee has been changed by its branches for many years. The Committee has invited a small number of leaders of relevant government departments, relevant industries and large entrepreneurs as committee members and standing members. As each branch changes its term, the committee only changes its term once every five years with a wider working temperature range

with the reform and change of the organization, all branches have stopped changing terms since 2001. The committee formulated the "working rules of the committee" in accordance with the articles of association and held the first unified term change of the Committee in Hangzhou for more than 20 years in November last year. The quota is assigned to each branch, which will hold a director's office meeting to discuss and recommend from bottom to top. The committee will then recommend the Standing Committee, chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and deputy secretary general among the members according to the list of members reported by each branch, after the Committee convened an expanded meeting of directors. Due to the first reform and relatively detailed work, the rest of the general session was called ordinary bolts, which was a complete success

current problems:

(I) the metal packaging industry is still in a situation of oversupply in the market. In the past two years, although there has been a rebound, there is still potential to tap; Except for iron printing equipment and aerosol tank equipment, the introduction of other equipment should be cautious to avoid repeated introduction

(II) the price of tinplate is still high. Under the condition that tinplate makers can bear hundreds of dynamic loads under different conditions without loss, we hope to achieve a win-win situation in the future

(III) most of the equipment in the metal container industry is imported. It is suggested that the competent machinery manufacturing department should pay attention to the performance improvement of packaging machinery and equipment and strive to import less, which is conducive to saving foreign exchange

(IV) metal container products are complex and there are few famous brands. We hope to make efforts to create new famous brands while maintaining famous brands; We should innovate and enhance our competitiveness

(V) product price self-discipline. At present, price wars depress each other, and it is urgent to rectify the market order. (end)


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