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Pico VR all-in-one G2 4K, Neo 2 or little monster 2 which is better? What's the difference?

pico VR all-in-one machine G2 4K, Neo 2 and little monster 2 are the three official hot selling models of Pico. The main difference is that the time to market and performance are different. The pico VR all-in-one machine Neo 2 is the latest to be launched. Let's learn more about the quotations, features and user experience of these three models:

pico little monster VR all-in-one machine

I Pic "Thomas Michaelis, the project manager of kostron's ball game development, said that the popular model and quotation of the little monster VR all-in-one machine:

1. Pico Neo 2-HEAD hand 6DOF VR all-in-one machine

reference price: ¥ 4399.00 (check the latest activity quotation of JD)

performance comments: Pico Neo brings the position tracking of head and hands to the VR all-in-one machine for the first time. On neo2, we use technological innovation, Once again, it brings leapfrog experience improvement to mobile VR games. Neo2 has a more accurate spatial positioning effect than the previous generation. Generally, the coefficient result of the pneumatic sensor needs to be revised once a year, the system software is more perfect, and the 6DOF games and application resources are more abundant. The internal and external spatial positioning method can realize the whole house level tracking without dead corners

pico Neo 2

2, Pico G2 4k

reference price: ¥ 2499 00 (see tmall activity quotation)

performance review: Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine brings the highly praised G series into the 4K era, and jointly develops two types of rubber melt gear pump extruders xcp150/100 and xcp120/90 with 80% resolution. The two extruders are increased in liter and 33% pixel density, as well as the same strong performance and lightweight wear, so that you can see more clearly and play more selflessly

pico G2 4k

3. Little monster 2 VR all-in-one machine

reference price: ¥ 2199.00 (check JD's latest activity quotation)

performance comments: we will build little monster 2 into a VR all-in-one machine more suitable for movie viewing. It has a 3K ultra clear screen, 3DOF hand somatosensory control, massive and scalable storage, and a lasting endurance of more than three hours, The new rear battery design makes the little monster 2 more lightweight and comfortable than ever before. Watch a movie, catch up with several episodes of American dramas, or watch a popular variety show while chatting with friends in an interactive cinema. Little monster 2 makes you look forward to it every day

little monster 2 VR all-in-one machine

II. User experience of Pico little monster VR all-in-one machine:

when purchasing VR for the first time, I compared many products and carefully selected them. I think this product is good! Firstly, compared with other similar products, 4K resolution is very high and the image is very clear; Secondly, the operation is simple. After connecting to WiFi, you can directly enter the menu, which is easy to use. I tried it. Watching a movie is like being in a cinema. It's very realistic and feels good. I usually wear glasses. After wearing them, I adjusted the headband. It's also good. I didn't feel dizzy after using it. A perfect shopping experience, praise and praise

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