Pierremagnetic new generation coded safety switch

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Pierremagnetic's new generation of coded safety switches - psencode smart

the new generation of coded safety switches accounts for nearly 100% of the market. Psencode Smart has been successfully developed by pierremagnetic and has begun to be put into the market. The psencode smart coded safety switches adopt RFID action principle and are available in three different types: coded, fully coded and the only fully coded, The highest safety can be achieved with only one switch. Next, Jinan experimental machine factory will introduce in detail the 1 wedge load test and the classification between it and the tensile test, which can realize the safety door monitoring of ple/sil Level 3

the new generation psencode smart determines the action distance to be 8mm and the disconnection distance to be 20mm, and integrates the following experimental machines as a reference: it has a series connection interface, which can still reach the highest security level when multiple safety doors are connected in series

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