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PICC Property & Casualty Insurance Jiangxi branch accelerated the "service upgrading"

on October 20, 1949, the people's Insurance Company of China was listed for business in Beijing, marking the establishment of the first state-owned insurance company in New China and the birth and start of the insurance industry in New China. After more than 60 years of reform and development, the people's Insurance Company of China has developed into a comprehensive insurance finance group company. It has made historic contributions to the cultivation of China's insurance market and the cultivation of insurance talents. The plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics from ordinary life into the plastic raw materials required by the enterprise and upgrades the insurance technology. It has made historic contributions to economic development, social stability, national prosperity People's happiness has played a positive role

PICC Property & Casualty Insurance Jiangxi branch is a Provincial Property & casualty insurance branch under PICC. In the long-term development process, it has accumulated rich resources and formed various advantages: it not only has a deep historical background and outstanding brand advantages, but also has built a relatively perfect sales service and operation management system; The institutional sites cover 11 cities divided into districts, 100 counties (cities, districts) and 600 central towns in the province, with a total of more than 200 business institutions; It has cultivated a number of senior managers with strong management ability and excellent professional backbones who are familiar with insurance business, and has played an important role in serving economic and social development and building a harmonious society

over the years, PICC Property & Casualty Insurance Jiangxi branch has effectively played various functions of insurance guarantee, covering and penetrating all fields from major projects in the province to important economic and social fields such as industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, agricultural production, foreign trade, and then to personal security, mechanical vehicles, "vegetable basket" and "rice bag" projects that affect the people. As the only insurance partner of the Seventh National Urban games, the company has provided comprehensive risk guarantee services for the successful convening of the "seven cities Games" with its brand and professional strength. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the company gave full play to the role of the main force of large state-owned insurance companies in the province, providing insurance protection of RMB 5.96 trillion for the society, and accumulated compensation of RMB 6.019 billion. Especially in the 2008 Snow and rain disaster, 370million yuan of compensation was paid to the power industry at one time, which made a positive contribution to the sustained, healthy and rapid development of Jiangxi's economy and society

standing at a new starting point and facing the new situation and new tasks of reform and development, we need to further enhance our sense of urgency to accelerate development and deepen reform, and strive to promote the sound and rapid development of PICC. As a leading enterprise in the insurance industry in Jiangxi, we will take the lead in making the commitment of "service upgrading" to all sectors of society as the leader of the insurance market in Jiangxi

promote the upgrading of service awareness. With the mission of "people's insurance for the benefit of the people", firmly establish the business philosophy of "market-oriented and customer-centric", and take customer satisfaction, customer recognition and customer loyalty as the starting point and destination of the work. At present, we will fully implement the opinions of the CIRC on strengthening and improving the service quality of property insurance claims, take the protection of the interests of insurance consumers as the starting point and foothold, take institutionalization, standardization, informatization and transparency as the main means, focus on solving the problem of low service quality of Auto insurance and agricultural insurance claims, actively create a culture of integrity and culture, strengthen service awareness, and innovate the working mechanism, Improve claims management, improve service quality, strive to improve social satisfaction, improve social image, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of property insurance industry

promote the upgrading of key services. Establish the work focus of claims service, and comprehensively promote the "fast, simple, good and excellent" of claims service. "Fast" means to improve the response speed of claims settlement, implement limited time survey and compensation, and notify the compensation within one hour after the vehicle insurance claim data below 10000 yuan are complete; "Simplification" means to simplify the claim documents, optimize the claim settlement process, implement the first accident scene, clear the accident free certificate, and cancel the paper claim materials for unilateral accidents; "Good" means to carry out the "four ones" activities of on-site investigation, implement the unified script standard of claim settlement, and improve the customer's claim settlement experience; "Excellent" means innovating the claim settlement service mode, and promoting five characteristic services such as "Sihai in the tensile test (stress-strain test) of the pressure testing machine is generally to clamp the two ends of the data sample on two clamps with a fixed distance of 1 to pass", "express claim settlement", "self-service survey", "green channel" and "one-time negotiated compensation for small personal injury cases", Implement free rescue for customers in danger and free fault rescue for customers not in danger to create insurance customer value

promote the upgrade of service scope. As the exclusive organizer of agricultural insurance in Jiangxi Province, we take serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" as our glorious mission and sacred responsibility, further promote the innovation and development of agricultural insurance products, and further expand the coverage and coverage of insurance. First, fully implement the provincial government's opinions on strengthening the construction of Grass-roots Service System for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" insurance, and vigorously promote the construction of rural grass-roots service system as the company's "No. 1 project"; Second, we will continue to increase efforts to promote the "three rural" insurance, eliminate the blank counties of rice insurance, expand the pilot scope of commercial pig insurance, consolidate the achievements of forest insurance, start the pilot work of rural housing insurance in the whole province, and expand the scale of insurance types such as rape, peanut, cotton and cow; Third, we will comprehensively build a grass-roots service system for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" insurance, and strive to achieve full coverage of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" insurance services in all villages and towns in the province by the end of 2012

promote service function upgrade. Adhere to the service concept of "anytime, anywhere and wholeheartedly for you", further deepen and improve the function of 95518 service line, and add new functions and personalized service contents such as card registration, vehicle rescue, reservation insurance, customer return visit and satisfaction survey for the transformation of insurance Nanjing Chemical Industry Park to new material Park on the basis of consolidating the basic functions such as "handling case reporting, receiving consultation and accepting complaints". Make every effort to build an auto insurance sales service platform, realize "one, auto insurance underwriting can be easily completed", and meet the new consumption trend of customers; Open the online sales interface to provide customers with fast underwriting services and adapt to the new consumption mode; Innovate self-service claim settlement service, and simply settle claims by yourself; The independent inquiry system for customer information was launched to enable customers to know the underwriting and claim settlement information anytime and anywhere, and vigorously safeguard customers' right to know

promote service technology upgrading. Improve organization design, optimize process management, integrate system resources, and continuously improve service level. Vigorously promote the project reform with service as the main content, carry out line management on sales, underwriting, claim settlement, finance and other links, and improve the service efficiency; Develop the operation process platform, promote the standardization of service operation process, implement process improvement and reengineering, realize the standardized control of service operation nodes, and effectively promote the efficiency of backstage service; Comprehensively apply CRM system, strengthen customer rating management, create VIP customer model, and realize accurate and efficient connection between customer rating and business system, claim settlement system and 95518 system. Sort out and clarify the customer complaint handling workflow, put the customer complaint handling system online, speed up the handling timeliness, improve the work quality, and improve the satisfaction rate of customer complaint handling

when all the forces are combined, all the forces will be lifted. When all the wisdom is used, all the people will achieve good results. The upgrading of insurance services is not only related to the realization of the objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan of Jiangxi insurance industry, but also related to the value embodiment of the company's "being an insurance company satisfying the people". With greater determination, greater strength and more effective measures, we will spare no effort to fight the battle of service upgrading, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the sound and rapid development of Jiangxi's economy, society and insurance industry! Jiangxi

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