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Pierremagnetic: the perfect combination of pss4000 safety and automation

many years ago, pierremagnetic introduced the first safety PLC controller: pss3000 system, which has been fully recognized in the use of major manufacturers

after a long time, the pss3000 system has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history. The new generation of modular pss4000 system developed by pierremagnet has gradually and perfectly replaced the pss3000 system

in China, there is a case that a grinding production line imported from France 20 years ago includes a pss3000 system designed by pierremagnetic for customers. Users want to upgrade this production line, so China pierremagnet replaced it with the latest generation control system pss4000, which makes this production line that has worked hard for many years until 2020 take on a new look

in terms of hardware, one master station and three IO slave stations participate in the replacement. After replacing the heavy pss3000 system with the modular pss4000 system, the whole system looks more concise and clear. Moreover, the modular system provides a convenient basis for future transformation, which can add or reduce modules and update functions at any time

in terms of software, because the pss3000 contains programs written decades ago, it is limited to the actual productivity and technical level at that time, and some sentences in the program are cumbersome. Moreover, the functions of function blocks at that time were relatively old and few. Therefore, without changing the program logic, pirci adopted new function blocks and statements in pss4000 system to rewrite and optimize the source program, so that the machine can still run normally after replacing the control system

after many efforts, after the replacement of the grinder, pirci has successfully upgraded the control system with a reasonable, reliable and durable structure, which has replaced the edging production line with a new heart, so as to revitalize the customer's production line

users are very satisfied with the transformation of pirci and highly evaluate its work. They said that in the next few decades, after pirci's products continue to be upgraded, subsequent pirci engineers will upgrade the current pss4000 system. This also shows the product and service quality of pirci from the side

as a safety expert from Germany, pirci helps customers around the world to realize machinery and equipment automation, and is always committed to providing customers with the best solutions

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