Pictures of health warnings in Europe

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Europe began to use health warning pictures

health warning pictures can be seen on cigarette packs in Canada and many Southeast Asian countries. Now Europe has basically approached the recycling limit of waste paper of various paper types. This will cause manufacturers to encounter the problem of hidden costs, while printers will encounter unique problems

everyone in the tobacco industry is familiar with the law on health warnings on the packaging of various tobacco consumer goods. In recent years, these warnings have become increasingly prominent in packaging, while picture warnings have become increasingly complex

soon, the first batch of picture warnings on the European market will replace the text warnings on the current packaging. These picture health warnings have been implemented in many countries, such as Canada and Thailand. So far, many tobacco companies have found a way to solve the problem of printing picture health warnings on packaging. However, considering the size of the EU market and the diversification of different brands in the continent, the problems that printers and packaging buyers may encounter and the solutions are worthy of attention

the problem faced by printers is what will be printed out of full-color plastic 3D printing materials

information source: China's food industry

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