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Taiwan Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with Wuhan Dongxihu District with a total investment of 150million US dollars

industrial investment promotion decisions are not made by feeling, but by careful calculation, taking full account of the economic and social benefits in the next 5 to 10 years, so as to achieve a "win-win" with the swing of the swing angle of the investment to the greatest extent

yesterday, zhangxiangdong, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Dongxihu District, was very busy: he had a whole day's investment promotion meeting, and rushed to Beijing after drinking water. His interviews were split into "two sessions"

he has spent many days like this since he entered the Dongxihu District to engage in investment promotion in 1993

in his opinion, Dongxihu District is a "immigrant" area, with only 80000-100000 "aborigines" and a natural atmosphere of being unconventional. "Our investment promotion personnel will not easily let go of every investment promotion clue with their habitual thinking and 'colored' eyes."

this year, Taiwan Glass Industry Group officially signed a contract with Dongxihu District, with a total investment of 150million US dollars and a land area of 600 mu to produce high-quality float glass with high technical content, such as low radiation coated glass and photovoltaic solar energy, which is a project strongly supported by the state. Within 3 years, the sales revenue will reach 1.4 billion yuan

in those years, if we judged from the traditional perspective, this project might have missed Wuhan

at the end of 2009, the Investment Promotion Bureau of Dongxihu District learned that Taibo Group intends to invest in Central China. Although this enterprise is one of the top ten float glass manufacturers in the world, and the output of glass fiber cloth ranks the third in the world, "generally speaking, glass production consumes a lot of energy, and the pollution will be slightly heavy, which is not in line with the industrial planning of the East and West lakes"

zhangxiangdong grasped this clue in time and inquired carefully. It turned out that this enterprise hoped to produce energy-saving glass in Central China for further processing, rather than producing glass sheets with greater pollution

the Investment Promotion Bureau of the district immediately invited relevant persons in charge of Taiwan Glass Group to inspect the Taiwan investment zone through various channels. At the same time, they also learned that several other cities are competing with Wuhan for this project

Zhang Xiangdong's feedback has aroused great concern in the East West Lake area. Soon, the executive deputy district head led a team to gather the heads of the administrative committee of the Taiwan investment zone, the district power company, the District Environmental Protection Bureau and the Foreign Economic Cooperation Bureau to go to the Chengdu company of the Taiwan Glass Group to explain the power, environmental protection and other related issues. Subsequently, the Investment Promotion Bureau of the district repeatedly communicated with the provincial and municipal development and Reform Commission and the Environmental Protection Bureau, and determined that the project was an industrial project supported by the state, bringing confidence to Taibo group

during the "Taiwan week" last year, the delegation from Dongxihu District visited Taiwan, and Taibo Group signed an investment intention agreement with Dongxihu District. In August this year, the project was officially signed

Kung Fu pays off. In January this year, the Dongxihu District introduced and signed 74 projects, with a total agreed investment of 57.23 billion yuan, including 51 industrial projects with higher safety, with a total agreed investment of 28.33 billion yuan

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